UK Politician Nigel Farage Reportedly In Bermuda

July 10, 2018

British politician Nigel Farage — the former UKIP leader who was a key proponent of Brexit — is reportedly in Bermuda, and used the home studio of Bermuda resident John Layfield for his recent appearance on Fox News.

Mr. Layfield, a former WWE champ who is well known in Bermuda for his work with youth rugby, serves an analyst and commentator for FOX shows, which he often appears on from his home studio in Bermuda.

Mr Layfield in his home studio in Bermuda:

John Layfield Bermuda, August 2015-1

After Mr Layfield initially posted about Mr Farage using the studio he received some negative feedback, leading him to tweet, “Want to apologize to anyone who was offended by my last post. Nigel Farage needed a TV studio, I was asked and he used mine [to talk Brexit] and he was a perfect gentleman to me and my family and that was the essence of my post.”

tweet screenshot John Layfield Bermuda July 10 2018

In another post on his Facebook page, Mr Layfield then said, “I was asked for Nigel Farage to use my home studio since he was here in Bermuda and I agreed. He was great to me and my family-the vitriol I have received from ‘friends’ is shocking. The hate I got on social media was worse. I don’t need this, certainly not on what is supposed to be a private Facebook group.”

Mr Farage’s appearance on Fox News with the same background Mr Layfield uses:

A verified Twitter account of Arron Banks, who is reported to be a millionaire and major donor to UKIP, also tweeted about Mr Farage being in Bermuda, saying, “In Bermuda with @Nigel_Farage saying he will come back as UKIP leader if Brexit not back on track, Tories in marginally seats watch out! Lightening storm hit studio shortly afterwards – omens.”

tweet screenshot aaron banks Bermuda July 10 2018

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  1. legalgal says:

    Please keep him Bermuda!

    • Argh says:

      Oh god no. He is a thoroughly evil piece of work and spreads poison and hate.

    • Bermie says:

      No chance! I can’t believe we didn’t put him on a stop list. Evil man!

    • Onion says:

      We don’t want him.

    • Bermudian In Bda says:

      No thanks, you can have this racist back!!!

      • Double S says:

        So hes’s racist for his anti-immigrant stance. But yours is righteous?


        • Triple Standard says:

          No, his is a racist because he didn’t like how brown England become!

          Whereas the PLP were cincerned with the OBA giving status to more racist!

          But you can’t see this through yoir prejuice!

        • Peaceful says:

          Get over your racist self DS. We all know your MO.

    • Onion Juice says:

      The chickens have come home to roost.
      I love it.

    • Ukeep 'im says:

      Put Faracist on the STOP LIST!!!!


    I mean, i am a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, and I’m generally, really really stupid.

  3. Melissa says:

    Nigel Farage is a great man and the U.K. should be proud of his 20+ year record in working to get that country out of the Oikophobe EU.

    • MsFedUp says:

      I guess you’re a racist too then.

    • Melissa's Therapist says:

      Love shhh!!! Let the meds kick in first. Yuh boi is Great Hate! Prejudice! Ignorance!!!
      We plan on sending him and his host back! We don’t care for either!

      • Double S says:

        But you guys share the exact same ideology. So it must be his skin color that triggers you.

        • Triple Standard says:

          No it’s yours that triggers you wanker!

          • Answer says:

            Prejudice and ignorance. The PLP core values.

  4. Warrior Empress says:

    Watch out BDA do your own homework knowledge is Power don’t be led astray! UKIP NO NO NO NO

  5. Agreed says:

    He can be the figurehead for the PLP’s independence campaign. He is a proven champion for movements destine to ruin a country, and his tactics of lies, misinformation, unfounded speculations and racism fronted with ringmaster like showman, all in line with the PLP’s way of doing things.

    • Dis- Agreed says:

      Or the OBA’s give away of Bermuda status to unworthies.

    • Agreed 2 says:

      He can be the figurehead of your family too as he touts the same type of nonsense you do with assumption and no facts. STHU

  6. Answer says:

    He’s probably here to advise the PLP on their policies towards foreigners. They have a lot in common.

    • Reality says:

      Yes they do! Protecting their country from unsavoury wankers like you mate.
      Be gone with tour 2012 OBA rehtoric

      • Double S says:

        One thing, the PLP doesn’t even try and hide their xenophobia anymore.

        Good for you for finally letting the proverbial mask slip. You are what you purportedly hate. Congrats.

        • Triple Standard says:

          One thing DS doesn’t even try to hide anymore is his prejudice and hate.

          But when his disguise is so bad we see through it.

          Hater of real progress.

          Lover of disharmony and discobtent

      • Answer says:

        We all know who the racist wankers are. Btw, all of your different names have the same avatar. Wanker.

        • Question says:

          For your wit and keeness you get to sit in the front of the classroom.
          Wanker who is slightly paranoid

    • Question says:

      Are you sure the OBA did’nt secure him to apease their racist supporters??


    • No One Asked says:

      Or he could be here to take your job and send you back to that pit called England

  7. MsFedUp says:

    I wouldn’t associate with him for all the money in the world. He is truly vile. Why on earth is he in Bermuda?!?! That’s the real question.

  8. Really says:

    LOL all the lefty snowflakes bent out of shape.

    • MsFedUp says:

      I have empathy. If that makes me a snowflake then so be it. Better than having no feelings for others less fortunate and less privileged. Better than resorting to childish name-calling when you don’t agree with someone.

      • Pat E says:

        Yeah I agree, childish name calling is silly – such as calling Farage a bigot and a racist, vile, evil piece of work, evil man, etc. All childish names that snowflakes have used to describe Farage in this article. Stay classy snowflakes.