King Elected As NACAC Athlete Chairperson

August 16, 2018

Bermudian Arantxa King has been voted in as the Chairperson of the NACAC Athletes Commission.

BNAA President Donna Raynor said, “During the NACAC Championships this past weekend held in Toronto, Canada, elections were held for the Chairperson for the NACAC Athlete Commission.

“As noted earlier this year Arantxa King was selected as one of the females on the Athlete Commission when we sent in her nomination.

“Arantxa was voted in as the Chairperson of the NACAC Athletes Commission. She will be working very closely with the IAAF Athlete Commission’s Chairperson.

“I received a text message from the IAAF President, Lord Sebastian Coe who advised me Sunday August 11th, that Arantxa was elected. He stated ‘I think she’ll be a great asset.’ I told him I have no doubt that Arantxa will be a great asset and will give 100%.

“I also received a call from the NACAC President, Victor Lopez who also advised me of Arantxa’s success. He stated that they were very impressed with Arantxa, her demeanor, attitude, knowledge and communication skills. He stated there were two other lawyers on the Commission as well. The chairperson of the IAAF Athlete Commission is also a lawyer.

“I emailed Arantxa to send the BNAA’s Congratulations and she stated, ‘It came quite unexpected, but as they say: sometimes you must be the change you wish to see! I will keep you all posted on any major updates!’

“This is a great step for Arantxa and a great opportunity. With her being a past athlete she has the knowledge of what athletes need to be successful. I have no doubt she will make sure decisions that are made at the top level do not have an adverse affect on the athletes.

“I am excited and proud of her and had no doubt she would represent herself well at the first NACAC Athlete’s Commission meeting.

“This is a big step for Bermuda and shows the respect these organizations and countries have for Bermuda in Athletics.”

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