Photos & Video: Cleveland County Defeats Flatts

August 18, 2018

Cleveland County defeated Flatts Victoria by five wickets, retaining the Eastern County Cup today [Aug 18] at the Sea Breeze Oval in Bailey’s Bay.

The 4-minute live video replay is below:

Flatts Victoria won the toss and elected to bat first and were bowled out for 129. Flatts Victoria were in trouble at 29/3, when Kamau Leverock was out for 7, and opener Reggie Baker went down suffering from chest pains as was taken to King Edward Memorial Hospital via ambulance and never returned to the field. Nelson Bascome was the top scorer with 42 while Makai Young was the pick of the Cleveland County bowlers with figures of 8.1-2-20-4.


In reply, Leverock electrified the crowd with his pace. With the wicket keeper and slips fielding back, Leverock had youngsters Jabarri Darrell and Q’shai Darrell back in the pavilion caught behind by Regino Smith. St. John Ambulance personnel were called back into action when a Leverock delivery hit Cleveland County player/coach Curtis Jackson in the head with the player bleeding from the injury and having to leave the field. Cleveland County would eventually cross the score with Dion Stovell the top scorer with 37. Leverock was the pick of the Flatts Victoria bowlers with figures of 11-3-36-3.

Flatts Victoria 129 Cleveland County 130/5

Flatts Victoria Inning

..12 (34) Reggie Baker Retired Hurt
..03 (18) Dajon Carey c Steven Bremar Jr b Dion Stovell
..00 (02) Regino Smith Run Out
..07 (13) Kamau Leverock c Jabarri Darrell b Dennis Musson
..20 (82) Cofield Robinson b Dion Stovell
..03 (15) Kijuan Franks b Dennis Musson
..42 (77) Nelson Bascome c Dennis Musson b Makai Young
..05 (09) Christof Van Tonder c Dion Stovell b Makai Young
..08 (13) Darnelle Farrell b Makai Young
..05 (24) Vernon Eve Not Out
..01 (07) Adio Robinson b Makai Young
..23 Extras (8b-3lb-2nb-10w)
129 Total All Out after 49.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-21 (Carey), 2-21 (Smith), 3-29 (Leverock), 4-32 (Franks), 5-101 (Cofield Robinson), 6-106 (Van Tonder), 7-120 (Farrell), 8-125 (Bascome), 9-129 (Adio Robinson)

Cleveland County Bowlers

10.-3-14-2 Dennis Musson
4.0-1-13-0 Mackih McGowan
16.-3-38-2 Dion Stovell
3.0-2-02- 0 Q’shai Darrell
5.0-0-16-0 Lavar Talbot
8.1-2-20-4 Makai Young
3.0-1-15-0 Jabarri Darrell

Cleveland County Inning

..17 (25) Mishael Paynter b Nelson Bascome
..00 (01) Jabarri Darrell c Regino Smith b Kamau Leverock
..01 (03) Q’shai Darrell c Regino Smith b Kamau Leverock
..00 (03) Curtis Jackson Retired Hurt
..37 (53) Dion Stovell b Kamau Leverock
..29 (40) Steven Bremar Jr c Kijuan Franks b Regino Smith
..31 (30) Makai Young Not Out
..01 (10) Dennis Musson Not Out
..14 Extras (7b-2lb-2nb-3w)
130 Total for 5 Wickets after 27.1 overs

Fall of Wickets: 1-11 (Jabarri Darrell), 2-13 (Q’shai Darrell), 3-26 (Paynter), 4-75 (Bremar), 5-112 (Stovell)

Flatts Victoria Bowlers

11.-3-36-3 Kamau Leverock
4.0-0-29-1 Nelson Bascome
4.0-0-18-0 Kijuan Franks
5.1-1-17-0 Vernon Eve
2.0-0-08-1 Regino Smith
1.0-0-13-0 Adio Robinson

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