Seven Arrests In Roadside Sobriety Checkpoints

October 13, 2018

[Updated] From Friday evening to Saturday morning, four people were arrested due to the roadside sobriety checkpoints, with all failing the test, and one person arrested following a “high speed chase.”

The police tweeted, “Fri pm to Sat am road side sobriety checks results in 4 impaired driver arrests. All failed tests.

“The last one arrested after high speed chase. NP if you don’t stop we come and get you! 3 arrested on outstanding warrants when they rolled up at check points.”

Update 1.24pm: A police spokesperson said, “The Roadside Sobriety Check Points are in full effect and police officers were out last night and into the early hours of this morning.

“There were 4 persons arrested for impaired driving: 3 failed test, 1 refused. Another 3 persons were arrested at check points on warrants.”

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  1. Res says:

    Knock down a Belco pole and they will let you walk away !

    • puzzled says:

      Only if you caused the accident idiot.

      Retire Cheefe Hinspactah.

      • question says:

        Apparently you can get drunk and knock over a Belco pole, and the attending Police will wave cheerfully and wish you a nice day as you stumble and stagger away from the scene.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          One thing that most are overlooking is that the police were supposedly responsible for the accident regardless of whether the other driver was intoxicated or not .
          I would suspect that if the police were responsible for the accident and they did not know that the other driver had been at the club in mind for the afternoon they were simply trying to mitigate their responsibilities by letting the guy walk away.
          (yeah , his vehicle was in no state to drive so he had to walk)
          And I’m not taking sides here , just juxtaposing all the information received so far with the possibilities .

  2. Fish says:

    Great that they are doing so well with the night time tests, but what about daytime. There are many drivers that drink during work hours.

    • More questions says:

      Especially now with all the nighttime checkpoints, you will see an increase in daytime drunk driving… Not sure how they would manage the higher traffic volume though…

      I would suggest instead for police to conduct parking lot sobriety tests. Get them BEFORE they hit the road ;-)

  3. MM says:

    Has any one said the number of drunken driving arrests each week during the past two years. Let’s not continue reporting on the sobriety vehicle checks, shift gears , and talk about police foot patrols in our neighborhoods. Talk about the parents who could not attend the 300 dollar conference on child abuse at the Princess Hotel, yet needed guidance. Most parents could not benefit from a two day conference, it would have had to be over a much longer period.

  4. confused says:

    I was involved in 2 car accidents, in which was the other drivers fault. What I am confused about is when I was involved in the first accident the EMT’s came, the police and fire department.

    With the second accident I was told that the police only come if the person/people are seriously injured. So, no EMT, the police were called, but took almost an hour to show up, and no fire department.Then I was asked was I injured.

    The other thing that concerns me is that, they don’t do any drug or alcohol testing on the scene. I was told that when the accident is not that serious they expect the people to sort out the situation on their own, like exchange numbers and so forth.

    So, I am bothered because if they expect the individuals to sort out the situation themselves, what if there is some sort of confrontation, in which the person that caused the accident could say I am not paying for anything or just take of like nothing never ever happened.

    Therefore you have another issue where it can escalate into violence, which is also common in Bermuda.

    The law in Bermuda concerning accident related issues really need to be reviewed and dealt with in a more professional manner..

    Recently, I saw a truck driver with a beer in a paper bag.

    Very, very concerned…….

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *Recently, I saw a truck driver with a beer in a paper bag.*

      And no cell phone in the other ? ?