Photos: US Consulate Participates In Clean Up

October 23, 2018

In partnership with Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB], the U.S. Consulate participated in a cleanup initiative on October 19th.

U.S. Consul General Constance Dierman and Consulate staff collected and disposed of trash, removed debris, and recycled items found at Blue Hole Park. Additionally, the Consulate team cleared overgrowth and trimmed hedges along the roadside and parking lot next to the Consulate grounds.

“The effort near the Consulate is a new one and is in response to the Ministry of Public Works’ call earlier this year inviting the public to take initiative in maintaining the upkeep of public spaces,” the Consulate explained.

“Each of us has a responsibility to keep Bermuda clean and safe. My colleagues at the Consulate and I are committed to contributing to KBB’s dedicated efforts to make Bermuda a beautiful and enjoyable place for all residents and visitors – and to do our part in protecting our special environment,” says Consul General Dierman.

“KBB organizes monthly cleanup events and offers resources like additional trash cans and recycle bags to support organizations and community groups that register to participate at an assigned location.

They also partner with schools, sports and community groups to educate the youth about the importance of protecting the environment and maintaining the beauty of Bermuda.”

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (1)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (2)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (3)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (4)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (5)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (6)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (7)

KBB US Consulate Bermuda Oct 23 2018 (8)

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  1. facts of the rock says:

    the plp have spent all the public’s money and are having to beg the Americans to clean up Bermuda’s trash,they did a good job but there is still a lot of trash walking the streets!

  2. j amaral says:

    Bermuda roads are in a dire mess, every where you travel there is cane grass, ficus, Mexican pepper and weeds and more overgrown weeds , gone were the days when they used to spray the roads for weeds now the weeds are higher than some property walls.
    spurling hill has 2 palmetto palms growing out of the pavement! does the COH not clean the streets?

  3. eve says:

    It is great for everyone to participate in keeping Bermuda beautiful but letting areas get trashy and overgrown needs to be addressed too. Various groups volunteer and lose a days work to do the work that should be done by the Public Works. The dead palm fronds shown in the photos is a good example of what can be seen all over the island and should be removed on an ongoing basis, not only when there is a complaint. The trash and overgrowth is a major eyesore in Bermuda and just gets worse by the month. If the government cannot find the funding to get Works working to beautify the island then BTA should step up and fund the beautification. How clean and beautiful Bermuda is should be a top priority of the BTA and they should allot $2M toward a major clanup in the off-season. Time the BTA accepted that they need to be behind cleaning up Bermuda both verbally and financially.

    • @Eve, and were do you really think this money will come from even if the BTA was to agree, no doubt it still comes down to the Tax payer dollars at this point, and while I do agree that (WE) the general public can take a more direct part in our own individual areas to keep Bermuda Beautiful, and please also don’t just blame Government without the facts, Government had to stop allowing the pesticide that use to be sprayed on the foliage for years to be stopped, because it was said that it became a health issue.

      That is why you do not see the Pesticide Vehicle out early hours of the morning while we sleep, spraying the weeds and foliage, along our road ways, but I do applaud the U.S.Consulate and other groups that take the initiative to do what so many refuse to do, so I get your point but don’t pass the buck, just make sure the area you live in is kept tidy, the old adage say’s clean up your own back yard, before complaining about someone else, and applaud those that give back to the community as often as you can.

      This way maybe it will encourage others to do the same, the one thing I think would be great, is if we do see Government give to the smaller guy in landscaping, areas along our public byways, the contract to keep certain areas in good condition, instead of just concentrating on our railway trails.

      There is far to much overgrowth Island wide and it is a very serious problem and has to be dealt with it as such, and the work crews we have along the roads from W&E, can not keep up with the demand at present and in my view, some places they are doing a great job and other places should have just been maintain and not totally cleared.

      One example, is the stretch of road along there by five star Island, they have taken out all the trees on a very serious bend, and we have had so many accidents over the years along there, and the only thing that saved the life of some of the motorist, it the trees that held the vehicle from going overboard, so it was pointless to see them totally remove all the trees, that can be just maintained and act as a buffer, and many would say well they should not be speeding, but God forbid if it is an emergency vehicle travelling at high speed and they loose control on that corner.

      The Police have a reckless amount of damages that the public don’t hear about, and it cost the tax payers to the tunes of hundreds of thousands, why do you think we have so many new fleets, more often then any other sector in government just to name a few, do the stat’s or talk to those in the know, for the nay Sayers who think I am not well informed.

      If we all do our part, we would have more in support of what needs to be done, then having more critics. In Closing there are neighborhoods that do a monthly clean up, and they do in groups, and not always the same group each month, they take turns, but they get it done.

  4. sage says:

    Nice job, done right, without roundup/rodeo.

  5. Something is Majorly Wrong says:


  6. Justasuggestion says:

    Eve- your comment is outrageous. The BTA’s job is to generate tourism. This tourism generates taxes for Gov. Its your Gov thats failing not the BTA. Why don’t you get out and help rather than mouthing off. Taxes are for Gov services like trash, road maintenance etc. Not press conferences every two days for pointless political point scoring.

    • eve says:

      Cleanliness is a major tourism element and it should be part of BTA’s mandate to insure that everyone is aware of how important it is, especially the government. The Government purse (taxpayers) fund the BTA maybe the Government should redirect $2M from BTA to Works, would that be OK for you? I am surprised how few stakeholders/taxpayers just want to keep funding BTA when BTA doesn’t provide ‘cost’ or ‘ROI’ figures but if it was the Government they would expect an ‘accounting’. If Government can’t get it done BTA need to make it part of their new Tourism Plan. By the way, BTA point making press conferences and parties are far more prevalent than what comes out of the government, do your research.

  7. Slipnut says:

    Instead of making this one of those dirty filthy blogs about how our government falls short on all so many levels to provide services that they should. Let’s take a moment and pitch in and help clean and keep clean our own country. By damning the damn we become the damn.

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