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October 31, 2018

There are currently 55 people working on the construction of the St. Regis Bermuda Hotel in St. George’s, and a “tremendous amount of hard work has been carried out on the final stages of piling and foundations of the three blocks of the hotel,” and it is anticipated that the structure of the hotel will be complete by April 2019.

This was stated by Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmons as he held a press conference this morning [Oct 31] to provide an update on the St Regis Bermuda Hotel site development.

Aerial image of the site taken earlier this month:

st regis bermuda hotel site progress october 2018

Minister Simmons said, “We are very pleased to be here today to provide an update on the progress being made in the development of the St. Regis Bermuda Hotel development, here in St. George’s.

“It is great to see firsthand how far along this development has evolved and to share this progress with the public. Projects like this are important to Bermuda and especially important to this community.

“Once completed, this resort promises to be one of the most stunning properties on island, located on one of the most beautiful sites in Bermuda.

St. Regis Bermuda Hotel October 31 2018 (3)

“Before I go into the details of the progress, I would just like to start by dispelling the rumours that when the hotel is completed the public will not have access to the beach or areas of the beach will not be available for the public use. That is not true. I will say this again, Gates Beach, more commonly referred to as Fort St Catherine Beach, will remain open and accessible to the public – that is stated in St. George’s Resort Act 2018.

“I need to stress this point from the start so that this important message does not get lost in my update and to ensure that everyone is clear on this topic.

“The public has always had access to this beach, they have it now and they will have both access to and full use of the beach when the hotel is open.

St. Regis Bermuda Hotel October 31 2018 (1)

“I am pleased with the sequence of the project. It is encouraging that this development is focused on the hotel first and the residential units second. The work currently being done includes the hotel, amenities, a casino and two condominium-style buildings.

“Since my last update a few months ago a tremendous amount of hard work has been carried out on the final stages of piling and foundations of the three blocks of the Hotel. A lot of this work cannot be seen, as it is mainly underground, out of sight and already covered.

“They are currently working on the pits of the elevators and staircases. The concrete retaining walls in the back of the hotel are finished, as well as the construction of two water tanks.

“The movements of earth in different areas of the site will continue, in preparation for the arrival of the steel structure at the end of this month. This steel structure will begin to be erected in early November and we anticipate being able to have the structure of the hotel completed by April 2019.


“Regarding the residential Condominium Building #1, work will start on the foundations before the end of this year and the erection of the structure is expected to start in February 2019.

“With respect to the workforce here on site. There are currently 55 workers engaged in the construction, out of them there are 19 work permit holders from HOTELCO, and 36 Bermudian workers. Out of this group of local workers, 14 of them are from the St George’s community and one of the current three subcontractors is ACL, a construction company from St George’s, which has seven workers dedicated to the St Regis project.

“On the residential side, you may recall, as was published recently that the developers made the decision not to build staff housing. Instead they chose to utilize the local rental marked as a way to offer opportunities to local home owners.

“Currently, they have eight homes rented in the St George’s area, lodging 22 workers. And, in the first quarter of 2019, they expect to rent seven additional homes to lodge 38 additional workers. It is important to note that these workers live in St. George’s, shop in the area stores, utilizing the services of local vendors and they are indeed part of this community.

The 5-minute live video replay is below:

“Going forward, an increasing number of services will be demanded as the construction progresses. One good example of this is the provision of food on this site. The local grocery store Somers Supermart is currently preparing and delivering lunch for 26 people on a daily basis and will continue providing an increasing number of meals for the duration of the project.

“I am happy with the progress that is being made and I am excited as this highly anticipated new hotel progresses towards completion.

“This Government and the developers remain committed to progress. It is essential to our tourism product and this community and there is no doubt that this hotel will have a positive impact on Bermuda as a whole.”

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  1. DeOnion says:

    So the Minister praises an OBA initiative??? Wow, just shows how little the PLP has had to offer!

  2. Stormy daniels says:

    Thanks OBA, now let me make a mess of it.

  3. WSP says:

    Well there is 2 UBP members there,so thankyou to the UBP for this project.

    • red rose says:

      Ha yes the PLP/UBP party!

      • Rick says:

        You really think it’s funny when black OBA/UBP voters and members have departed from your party!!!!!!

        That’s not funny at all. Sounds like your now UBP aka OBA party had and still has some serious racial issues going on. You should be trying to attract back black Bermudian voters not making fun of them because they departed and joined the PLP.

        You fail to realize how many Black UBP members abandon you……….think about this number PLP 25 vs the OBA=UBP 11.

        Next time you crack a joke about black Bermudians that swung in favor of the PLP remember only one group swings while the other remain the same and they turn around and call the PLP racist.

        • Double S says:

          The PLP is just like the US Republicans. Hence why US minorities much like Bermuda’s minority population vote overwhelmingly for one Party

        • LocaliCartel says:

          … Yet you are the one who somehow dragged race into a comment which purely mentioned politics?

    • Apollo says:

      Shouldn’t you be busy with the rest of the circus in team trying to find more surrogates to help you win the next election. I heard your having problems with the Craig already. LOL

      You have to be desperate to allow him to lead you out of the current cesspit the UBP has been in since the 2017 election.

      • Anbu says:

        Please do let us know how well our economy is doing now that the traitors are on your team. Ill wait…….

  4. sandgrownan says:

    He forgot to thank the OBA! Whodathunkit!

  5. red rose says:

    You could not make this stuff up! The PLP praising an OBA initiative – serving only to highlight the paucity of things being done by this Government

  6. Double S says:


    Before July 2017 the PLP were vehemently against this project. SO much so they that intentionally spread mistrusts about the beach access and how it was to be taken away for locals and how Bermuda was bending over for these developers yada yada yada.

    Now they stand at press conferences regarding progress on this project and talk about how ‘pleased’ they are to do so.

    So to all the workers on the site and the St. Georges landlords benefiting from this project, please send your gratitude to the OBA for making this happen despite the fear mongering and negativity that the PLP directed at this development.

    • DeOnion says:

      It is incredibly hypocritical, isn’t it

    • Strictly politics says:

      So not true…ALL the PLP MPs supported this development in the House of Assembly. The questions on the beach access were raised in the Senate by the then Senator Ming. She highlighted the location of the hotel and the beach access.

      The PLP inherited this OBA mess! Don’t get it twisted….and yes I am a St Georgian.

      • Trump supporter says:

        Imagine that,PLP inheriting a mess.

      • Question says:

        The PLP inherited this project and now want credit for it, The usual rewriting of history.

      • Double S says:

        Sounds like you got twisted my friend.

        The PLP appeared to have made up the lie about the beach access being taken away. The OBA highlighted the part of the agreement which prevented that from happening. Actually, the wording was like for like when compared to the PLP’s failed agreement for the hotel development on the same spot.

        Nothing has changed since then. The PLP lied to you and once again you guys accepted it as gospel without even bothering to do your own fact checking. Typical.

        Facts are nor your friend once again.

        So what mess are you talking about again there ‘strictly?’

  7. question says:

    55 jobs up there. How many of them were created by the PLP?
    Answer: None.

  8. Kevin says:

    The things we can count on with plp
    Take advantage of every photo Op long time since seeing the 2 st georges plp doing anything constructive for the community but get them in front of a camera and they will be there.Have no fear they do nothing because they don’t know what to do, this was a project they tried in desperately to stop. When will the plp deliver an initiative that will create jobs and stimulate the economy …oh ya i forgot they increased everyones taxes …. now that took some thought.
    The circus continues like a bunch of elephants walking around a ring holding each other by their …….going no where

  9. Carlton says:

    thank you OBA

  10. puzzled says:

    I’ll be dead by the thyme the front door opens.

  11. eve says:

    The Minister says a “casino” is being built, did Hotelco get ‘special dispensation’? The video didn’t show any of the construction, good that Bernews was there to take photos of what Minister was talking about. Minister did avoid giving out an estimated completion year which is nice for a change because previous Ministers and Premiers have historically given development completion estimates that were off by years, not months.

  12. Something is Majorly Wrong says:

    This is so absolutely awful. Ming spread so many things about this development, constantly saying the beach would be taken away, that there was no access, that the hotel was bad for st georges and now there she is saying everything is rosy and standing there with two ex UBPers!!! Something is majorly wrong here!

  13. Bill says:

    How many of the 55 are Bermudian?

  14. Micro says:

    Can the install a drain at the bottom of the hill? Amazing one wasn’t put there when they realigned the road

  15. Let’s Go Bermuda says:

    Great news…I can’t wait for The Press Conference that the PLP say The Airport is an unpresidented success!!!