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March 11, 2021

[Updated] Premier and Minister of Tourism David Burt and Junior Minister of Labour, Senator Arianna Hodgson are holding a press conference this morning [March 11] to announce a joint initiative with the St. Regis Resort, which is due to open soon.  We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Senator Hodgson said that St Regis Hotel’s “initial opening phase will employ over 90 staff working in various capacities” and “to ensure Bermudians can secure employment at the hotel, the Ministry of Labour has partnered with St. Regis to offer Bermudians both training and employment opportunities.”

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 21-minute replay is below

Update 3.40pm: Senator Hodgson’s remarks:

Good morning and welcome to all members of the media and the listening audience.

I am delighted to be joined here today by the Premier and Minister of Tourism, the Honourable David Burt, Ms. Laura Purroy, General Manager at Hotelco Bermuda Holding, and Mr. Jan Vanhaelewyn, General Manager of The St. Regis Bermuda Resort.

The public will know that the Ministry of Labour’s overarching aim is the expansion of jobs and economic growth within Bermuda.

To that end, in the coming months, the St Regis Hotel will officially open for business. When it does, the initial opening phase will employ over 90 staff working in various capacities.

To ensure Bermudians can secure employment at the hotel, The Ministry of Labour has partnered with St. Regis to offer Bermudians both training and employment opportunities.

1. Foundations of Excellence Learning and Development programs

One training opportunity is the Foundations of Excellence Learning and Development program, which will prepare Bermudians for roles in the organisation.

The program embodies the company’s core values of putting people first, which is at the forefront of everything they do.

Premier Burt and Senator Hodgson press conference Bermuda March 11 2021

In the first year of each associates learning journey, they will enrol in the “School of St. Regis”, which includes a wide variety of classroom, e-learning, and most importantly, on-the-job learning. All teachings are designed to ensure the associates know the brand’s culture and that they are consistent with the delivery of services.

At the conclusion of the program, the learning received will have enhanced the skills and knowledge required to drive business results and lead teams in a diverse and changing environment.

2. TakeCare Programme

Another training opportunity is the TakeCare Programme.

TakeCare represents Marriott International’s global commitment to promoting opportunity, community, and purpose for all.

Established in 2010 as a wellbeing initiative to give associates easy, efficient ways to improve their health, TakeCare now offers holistic programs that go beyond physical wellbeing. The programs offered include mental and emotional health, career development, financial planning, team building, recognition, sustainability and social impact, and many more.

With the large number of positions to be filled, a job fair is a standard practice whereby applicants would join together in one location to apply and interview for career opportunities. However, in light of the COVID-19 preventative measures in place, the recruitment process has shifted almost entirely online, with interviews scheduled only as necessary.

This approach is in line with the Government’s goal to contain the spread of COVID-19 while growing the economy and getting Bermudians reemployed. I want to thank the St Regis Bermuda Resort for taking on the responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe environment throughout the recruitment process.

Following a review of the submitted job applications, candidates will receive a personal telephone call or email advising of the next steps. If applicable [A-PLI-KABUL], the advice will also include scheduling on-property interviews.

We expect there to be tremendous interest on-island from individuals seeking to apply for the hotel jobs on offer.

While we have accomplished much, we must do more to support our people. The Government, however, cannot do it alone.

Our success as a country will only come about through collaboration and partnerships with local businesses, which will lead to more equitable and inclusive solutions for all.

With that in mind, I thank the team at St Regis for their commitment to the people of Bermuda.

I want to remind the public of the many training programmes on offer through the Department of Workforce Development.

The reemployment strategy initiatives undertaken to date include:

  • Utilising professional recruitment agencies to match talented workers to local job opportunities by connecting qualified Bermudians to employers with current job vacancies.
  • Facilitating training and development programs that have provided reskilling and upskilling opportunities for over 110 people in the following categories –
    • Cleaning Technician Training
    • Administrative Assistant Training
    • Horticulture Training
    • Learn-to-Earn Restaurant Training
    • Food & Beverage Waiter Server Training
    • Computer Literacy Training and
    • Digital Literacy for Administrative Professionals
  • We have also implemented the Graduate Training Program that provides paid internships that allow young Bermudians to gain industry experience in their area of study and benefit from expert guidance to build their personal brand. Additionally, all participants receive career readiness training that will include modules on:
    • Developing Your brand
    • Emotional Intelligence and Communication
    • Diversity and Inclusion and
    • Office Etiquette

This Government will continue to work on behalf of the people of Bermuda and our Ministry will continue to focus on leveraging the Departments within our purview to effectively and strategically help get our economy back on track and achieve a productive workforce that is even better than pre-COVID.

Together we CAN and MUST do our part to create an environment that provides opportunities for Bermudians, especially our young people who have the skills needed to excel in the workplace.

It is through working together that Bermuda will see its best days.

In closing, I urge persons currently seeking employment to take advantage of the current and future opportunities by frequently visiting the and submitting applications for appropriate jobs.

I also encourage you to register with the Department of Workforce Development by emailing

I now welcome Premier Burt to say a few words.

Premier Burt’s remarks:

Good morning.

Junior Minister of Labour, Senator Arianna Hodgson, Ms. Laura Purroy, General Manager Hotelco Bermuda Holding, Mr. Jan Vanhaelewyn, General Manager of The St. Regis Bermuda Resort.

I am pleased to be here today, joined by the Junior Minister of Labour, as she announces exciting training and employment opportunities for Bermudians at the soon to be open St. Regis Hotel in St. Georges.

While we have been navigating through the many challenges brought on by the pandemic, this Government focused on the health and well-being of the country, while also managing our economic recovery and supporting those most affected. Many of those severely impacted by the economic effects of the coronavirus work within our hospitality and tourism industry.

That is why today, I am delighted to support the Foundation of Excellence Learning & Development programmes, and the TakeCare Programme, as well as the creation of over 90 jobs at St. Regis to help get Bermudians back to work, and excel in their careers.

The St. Regis Hotel and Bermuda’s newest golf course, Five Forts Golf Club, is scheduled to open in May, and it is great to see this project nearing completion. This new hotel is welcoming news for Bermuda, especially for the historic town of St. George’s.

The dynamic partnership between St. Regis & the Ministry of Labour to train and employ Bermudians to work in their hotel and golf course is commendable, and the Government looks forward to seeing the positive results it will have for St. Regis, local Bermudians who are employed, and our visitors who will benefit from world-class service.

Predictably, the last year presented unprecedented challenges for the industry. Our hotel inventory was significantly reduced. Visitor spending was down 88.7% in 2020 compared with 2019. Total visitors arriving by air decreased by 84.4%, with leisure air visitors down 86.6%, and airline seats to Bermuda fell 70.6%. Cruise passenger arrivals were down 98.3%.

However, we anticipate better results in 2021, and with valuable partnerships such as the one we are highlighting today we are confident that we will emerge stronger.

As a country we recognize that in order to have a better year, we must remain a safe and healthy destination. I am confident that we will. We have a robust COVID testing regime and an aggressive vaccination programme, and we are using technology to ensure that Bermuda can return to normal and remain a safe island.

Persons worldwide want to travel, and as more and more of them get vaccinated, they will want to go somewhere that continues to safely and effectively manage the coronavirus. Bermuda is that safe destination, and with new developments such as St. Regis, the hard work of our public officers, and the dedication of our hospitality and tourism professionals, the 2021 season will be a season of recovery.

I join the Junior Minister in encouraging Bermudians seeking employment to register with the Department of Workforce Development, visit their website, apply for the appropriate jobs and take advantage of the valuable training programmes and support that the Department of Workforce Development can provide.

Before I conclude I would like to make a personal note. People cannot imagine a more difficult time completing a hotel development, pushing forward with a hotel development and opening a hotel development at such a critical juncture. The Hotelco Bermuda Group has invested in this country, has supported this country, has supported the development of the town of St. George and are our excellent and amazing partners.

Laura [Purroy], on behalf of the Government of Bermuda, I would like to thank you and your family for the work and commitment of which you have made to this country. We are grateful for that investment and the government will continue to work with you to ensure that it works out well. It is a difficult time but the confidence of which you have shown will be matched by the confidence which we will continue to have with working with you.

As I said earlier, last year presented unprecedented challenges for the hospitality industry, but we are emerging stronger. Our island is slowly getting back to normal. Visitors will return, flights will increase, and the opening of St. Regis and its training and employment opportunities are a silver lining that indicates a brighter future ahead.

Thank you.

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  1. sage says:

    Why can’t we hear the questions at press conferences in this island?

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Bermuda should thank the OBA for their efforts in helping get this project started. How many new hotels has the PLP brought to Bermuda since 1998? None seems the correct answer. 19 years without a major construction project that creates jobs and generates money into the economy such as the St Regis, and without the cost overruns. Now the airport and St Regis are completed, what projects will provide jobs for all those construction workers?

    • Double S says:

      Ironic inna? These same lot tried to spread rumors about access to the beach as a means to drum up opposition to this development whilst in opposition. Now they have the nerve to have photo ops and take credit for this development. But I guess they have to as there are no other notable accomplishments under their belt to date.

  3. Let's Keep It Real says:

    Kudos to the OBA!!!! Bob Richards was a visionary.