Photos: St Regis Hotel Construction Continues

February 6, 2018

Construction continues in the east end for the St Regis Hotel and Residences with the company saying that ringfencing and piling work is currently underway.

The ground breaking was held in May last year, and at that time, officials said, the “luxury hotel will feature facilities such as 122 rooms and suites, St. Regis restaurant, bar and wine vault, a casino and 3,000 sq ft of meeting space.”

“For guests looking to relax, the resort will feature an 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones, a luxury spa and state-of-the-art fitness centre, a club for children and teens, and swimming pools for adult and families.”

Video rendering from OBMI showing an overview of the planned design:

We asked Hotelco International for an update and a spokesperson told Bernews that the progress made until end of 2017 and contractor are:

  • Re-routing of Barry Rd – GL Construction
  • Earth movement of the hotel site – GL Construction
  • Excavations and fillings on the hotel site – GL Construction
  • Construction facilities on site: offices, warehouses, etc. – DHC General Contractors Bermuda

The company said the works currently underway include:

  • Ringfencing of construction site – A1 Fencing
  • Piling [135 piles to be driven]

The company said the works to be done during February – March includes:

  • Direct foundations
  • Earth movement and site preparation in Condo Buildings 1 & 2

“The road and roundabout access to the beach is complete. A concrete ramp connecting the roundabout to the beach has been completed,” a spokesperson said, adding that “all the matters related to the access to the beach were thoroughly stated in a press release issued by the Minister of Tourism no long ago.”

Speaking in Parliament in December of last year, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Jamahl Simmon said, “As Minister I wish to reiterate to my Honorable colleagues and the general public alike that Gates Beach, more commonly referred to as Fort St Catherine Beach, will remain open and accessible to the public, as it is stated in St. George´s Resort Act 2015 – that the public shall have, free of charge, reasonable access to any beach and foreshore on the property. Let me be clear: This is a public beach. The developers are aware of this and supportive of its use by all.”

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (1)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (2)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (3)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (4)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (5)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (6)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (7)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (8)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (9)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (10)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (11)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (12)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (13)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (14)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (15)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (16)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (17)

St Regis Bermuda Feb 2018 (18)

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  1. Double S says:

    Thanks OBA.

  2. architects don't know much says:

    So please, please, someone tell me, why would an architect (local? foreign?) design a hotel at sea level- right off the beach?
    The storm surge from the first major hurricane we get once its completed, will most likely innundate the ground floor and flood the lower/basement utility levels!
    Unless the architects designed it to raise on stilts in the event of a hurricane….

    • Ok says:

      I was thinking the same thing….have you seen fort st Catherine during a strong storm let alone a hurricane….hopefully they have a plan for this….

  3. wahoo says:

    Thanks OBA!

  4. Northrock says:

    It’s incredible how many projects started under the OBA are now coming to fruition. One day we’ll all look back and be grateful, even if some won’t admit it publicly.

    • mixitup says:

      Remember how the OBA moved these projects…They basically bent Bermuda over and hung a sign, “No lube Required”

      • Double S says:

        Remember how the PLP bent their own country over?

        You really are a simple minded partisan hack.

      • Dick francis says:

        That’s because the plp overspent on the lube and did’nt leave any

  5. Alan says:

    I would be interested to know the extent (if at all – hopefully) these preparations have been paid for by Government. And if so, which minister signed off on it and when.

  6. Pondering says:

    It looks like it will be very nice however why is the hill so steep heading away from the hotel along the coastline? It could have been graded to meet the road by the memorial.

  7. huh says:

    Thanks for this also OBA.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    After years & years of PLP promises of getting a hotel on the site the OBA comes along & in less than 4 years has ground broken.

    How do the voters of St Georges show their appreciation for the hard productive work of the OBA? Why they throw the OBA out & put the people back in who produced nothing but rubble before. Makes all the sense in the world. The wisdom of Bermuda voters is mind boggling.

  9. San Patrick says:

    They are building a casino – best wishes on the hotel. Gov’t will pay $4 in social services payments, relative to the destruction of families, for every $1 they take in. Thanks OBA!

  10. Kevin says:

    its amazing how the spinners work
    Thank you OBA for making this a reality , St.George’s will begin its revival not to any help in 16 years of PLP they have tried but failed to kill St.Georges but we will be a thriving community again all of you PLP supporters should take note no help from you we will survive and we will grow we will once again be a pillar of tourism. You may live in St.George’s but you voted for a group who abanded you
    No Cruise Ships
    No police Station
    No Fire Station
    Cut off Corporation funding
    Do I need to say anymore……………..wake up

    • Stay woke says:

      When will you folks simply ask: “why did we lose?” Keep saying the voters are clueless and watch where that gets you.

  11. Michael says:

    Don’t judge unfinished work!

  12. thumper says:

    I see room for a water taxi service…submarine service…jet ski…glass bottom boat…ski boat…start small,try stand up paddle board rentals.
    Lilo rentals full facemask sails /rentals.Maybe soon you could also grow and sell marijuana from vending machines on sight…wouldn’t that be something?!!!
    I am looking at machines now that accept debit card…..and condom machines….I am a believer in planned Parenthood.
    And you can never find one when you need it…carpe diem.

  13. Truth be told says:

    Yes thank you OBA; for allowing we us to lose the most historic beach to a hotel developer. We appreciate the lack of consultation and total disregard for our wishes. Great job. That’s why you are no longer the government. The people of Bermuda gave you what you deserved on July 18th. #norespectforthepeople