Weldon Wade, Sue Kahn To Speak At Eco Series

October 16, 2018

Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce [BEST] and the Bermuda College announced that Weldon Wade and Sue Kahn will be the presenters for the second in their series of Eco Lunch & Learns on Thursday, October 25th.

Well known environmentalist and community advocate, Weldon Wade, of ‘Guardians of the Reef’ will be presenting along with entrepreneur Sue Kahn, of ‘Naked Zero’ earth conscious products.

‘This month we are excited to showcase young Bermudian environmental leaders who have committed to living a lifestyle that can inspire our community to adopt similar approaches whether small or big. Every action makes a difference’, said Amy Harvey, the Earth and Environmental Science lecturer at the Bermuda College.

Weldon Wade has been extremely active in the Bermuda diving community for over ten years. Wade is the first Bermudian certified free-diver, SCUBA diver and closed-circuit rebreather diver as well as founder of an ocean conservation organization called ‘Guardians of the Reef.

The mission of Guardians of the Reef includes getting new divers excited to explore and protect the ocean, keep divers diving and to encourage more young Bermudians to put on a pair of fins, mask and snorkel and see for themselves what the healthiest reef in the region looks like.

Ocean protection is at the core of Guardians and hunting invasive lionfish and removing plastic pollution from land and the sea floor are two main goals.

Wade also hosts clean-up events and works with Project AWARE, 5 Gyres and Ocean Conservancy to remove trash and plastic pollution from beaches and bays locally and overseas and hosts invasive lionfish tournaments.

Community engagement is key to Wade and he believes hosting events helps give divers purpose and the chance to use skills to help the environment and have fun. These events also open up countless opportunities to collaborate with individuals, businesses and other organizations and present information to students in schools and at various kids’ camps.

Sue Kahn began her version of a Minimalist journey about 3 years ago. After purging she became more conscious of her purchases and their effect on the earth and its people. As a result, she opened ‘Naked Zero’, a lifestyle brand for like-minded individuals, to purchase mind, body + earth conscious products that are some combination of Zero Waste, non-toxic, plant based or cruelty free.

Kim Smith, Executive Director of BEST added, ‘It’s one thing to talk about our passion and commitment to caring for the environment. It’s quite another to put that passion into action, as Weldon and Sue are doing. We’re looking forward to hearing their stories.”

BEST and Bermuda College invite the public to bring along their own lunch and learn more from these enthusiastic environmentalists on how they too can make a difference in addressing the environmental issues affecting Bermuda today. This is a free event and no registration is required. The event is held a Bermuda College, in Room H100 from 1 to 2pm.

The Eco Lunch & Learn series runs on the last Thursday of the month during November 2018, February, March and April 2019. For more information, please visit BEST’s website: www.best.org.bm

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