Changes To Permanent Secretary Assignments

November 10, 2018

Wayne Carey, who served as the Permanent Secretary for the previously named Ministry of Social Development and Sports, has retired from Government service, the Government confirmed.

A spokesperson said, “As a result of the recent Government re-organisation, the Head of the Public Service Dr. Derrick Binns, advised of a changes to the Permanent Secretary assignments.

“The public will recall that last week, [1 November], Ministerial, Ministry and Government Department changes were announced.

“As part of the restructure, the public will note that the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism was dissolved and its Permanent Secretary, Christopher Farrow was reassigned to the Ministry of Labour, Community Culture and Sports.

“The public will note that during Mr. Farrow’s time in government, he served as the Chief Surveyor for the Ministry of Public Works and also held Acting Permanent Secretary appointments.

“Dr. Binns also confirmed that Mr. Wayne Carey, who served as the Permanent Secretary for the previously named Ministry of Social Development and Sports, will be retiring from Government service. His last day was 9 November. Dr. Binns noted Mr. Carey’s government career has spanned 13 years.

“Mr. Carey has held several senior posts in the private sector before being employed by the Government of Bermuda in January 2005 as the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of the Environment.

“During his tenure as Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of the Environment the mandate was expanded to include the Telecommunications and E-Commerce areas, with the Ministry being renamed the Ministry of Environment, Telecommunications and E-Commerce.

“In May 2007 Mr. Carey was transferred to the post of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Rehabilitation. In November 2007, the Ministry of Social Rehabilitation and the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs amalgamated to form the Ministry of Culture and Social Rehabilitation.

“Mr. Carey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from York University in Canada and a Master of Science in Aquatic Sciences from Guelph University also in Canada.”

Dr. Binns said, “On behalf of the public service, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Wayne Carey for his dedicated and committed service.

“Mr. Carey has had a long and effective career in government, and in each capacity he has served, he proved to be an invaluable asset to the public service. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Mr. Carey for his stellar service and wish him well in his retirement.”

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  1. Hmmmm says:

    Must be more to this. The timing seems suspect.

  2. Let's Keep It Real says:

    Tell the truth…it will come out!

  3. Mrs. Henry says:

    All the very best PS Carey, you are certainly worthy of the rest. Enjoy!