Cannonier: ‘Paying More In Ministerial Salaries’

November 1, 2018

[Updated] “This is a fundamental shake-up of Cabinet with some very notable changes just 16 months into this Government’s tenure,” OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said, adding that as “he took out Michael Weeks and added Curtis Dickinson and Zane DeSilva, which means he is actually paying more in Ministerial salaries.”

Cabinet Shuffle Announced Today

The Opposition Leader’s comments follow after the Premier announced a Cabinet Shuffle earlier today.

Curtis Dickinson will take over the Finance Ministry, which was previously held by Premier David Burt, while Zane DeSilva is returning to Cabinet as Minister of Tourism and Transport.

Minister Lovitta Foggo will now be responsible for Labour and Workforce Development, the Department of Energy joins Home Affairs under Minister Walter Roban, Immigration will now come under the Ministry of National Security, while responsibility for ICT and digital technologies moves to the office of the Premier.

Minister Walton Brown will be Minister of the Cabinet Office, Jamahl Simmons will be Minister without Portfolio focusing on communications and consultation, Minister Diallo Rabain will retain Education, and Minister David Burch will continue as Minister of Public Works.

Mr Cannonier’s Comments

Mr Cannonier said, “This is a fundamental shake-up of Cabinet with some very notable changes just 16 months into this Government’s tenure. Questions still remain however, not least: how will this new-look Cabinet address the issue of a declining economy, a lack of new jobs and increased burdens placed on Mr and Mrs Bermuda. Unless they do, this exercise is just a game of musical chairs.

“The Premier said it was a cut back in the number Ministries, but he took out Michael Weeks and added Curtis Dickinson and Zane DeSilva, which means he is actually paying more in Ministerial salaries.

“And why has Mr DeSilva – who resigned from Cabinet in a row over his friend Ewart Brown who has since been compensated to the tune of $1.2m – been brought back? I take note that he will be in charge of gaming. The Premier has 24 other MPs to choose from but he picks someone who quit Cabinet just ten months ago.

“I am pleased that the Premier has relinquished the Finance Ministry. Combining the two is too big a job for one person and can lead to opportunities being lost, mistakes and delays. Hopefully Mr Dickinson will be able to concentrate on balancing the budget, which the PLP has promised, but failed, to do.

“In addition, I hope the Minister who now has responsibility for immigration will finally publish a report on immigration reform, which is taking too long to happen. It is a critical issue that has been highlighted by businesses recently. There is a general consensus that our population needs to grow and that the immigration process is too slow.

“It appears that there are also some very significant demotions,” Mr Cannonier added.

Update 5.28pm: Initial Response

As an initial response, the government has confirmed that “gaming is with the Ministry of Finance,” meaning that it will fall under the portfolio of the newly sworn in Minister of Finance Curtis Dickinson.

Update 7.00pm: PLP Response

A PLP spokesperson said, “The only Premier forced to resign in disgrace continues to speak on every issue except the one he pledged to reveal the full details on – JetGate.

“Mr. Cannonier has earned a reputation for frequently being at odds with the truth and yet again he has attempted to mislead the public. Gaming is not under the Ministry of Tourism & Transport as he erroneously stated, but it is within the Ministry of Finance to advance the key issue of banking gaming proceeds.

“While the former Premier remains under police investigation, the PLP will remain focused on the job of building a better, fairer Bermuda.”

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  1. mixitup says:

    “The Premier has 24 other MPs to choose from but he picks someone who quit Cabinet just ten months ago.”

    From someone who resigned as PREMIER under storm clouds and was put back in cabinet 8 months later… I can’t take you seriously Craig.

    • clearasmud says:

      I agree with you there!

    • Picks says:


      Don’t throw stones, you only have the Opposition Leader position because no one else wanted it. Don’t talk about no one. Anything you say we are not going to believe you.

      You can say what you want, but don’t forget last year results.
      You keep talking about the same old stuff, why don’t the OBA talk No matter what the PLP do you can’t always criticize, it would turn the voters off.
      about if they are going to be the next government focus on that and stop talking about the past.

      Don’t forget 25-11.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        ~why don’t the OBA talk No matter what the PLP do you can’t always criticize,~

        Did the PLP try that approach between 2012 and 2017 ? Oh , I didn’t think so , so stop trying to be all pious and reasonable .
        As far as you’re concerned there is no opposition and there should be none.

        • Craigtrump says:

          Dear CraigTrump,

          This approach only keeps the OBAUBP falling down in a bigger hole

          Stop bitting on every bone thrown

          Focus on providing workable solutions to move Bermuda forward, it might increase your creditability…..

          PL . Stay focus on the People’s Business and working for them. WELL DONE. …

      • Anbu says:

        Funny how every time the plp want to win an election they drum on about the past then huh? I fully expect the plp to drop the slavery speech next election cycle as you seem to despise talking about the past. Thanks in advance

    • Rasta says:

      Craig Trump are you serious man. LOLOLOLOL After the Jet Gate 300k stunt. OMG even the Milk Man must be laughing at you.

    • Question says:

      You were ok when ROBAN resigned for apparent insider self dealing but now cmes back as Deputy premier. Of course, that’s all different.

      At least Zane knows how to turn $4m in $24m. When it’s taxpayers paying.

  2. Bumbling bear says:

    The premier got way bigger problems coming than jetgate , Craig Cannonier.
    People care about their pockets and paying their bills, as the plp continue the country in a decline while the USA is improving everyday.
    That’s the true issue

    • MAGA What??? says:

      The US is improving? Based on what? That orange idiot is slowly isolating the country! Please don’t compare any local politician PLP or OBA to anything the Head Cheeto does, that’s beyond insulting!

      • sandgrownan says:

        Well, the PLP is full of homophobes, deny rights to Bermudians and engages it hateful rhetoric. Don’t speak English? Get the F*** out.

        So, no.

  3. Red rose says:

    Lots of plp lemmings commenting here – all running with their eyes closed to the cliff edge

    • mixitup says:

      A lot of those PLPers have been on the “Cliff’s Edge” in their own land for generations…maybe it’s you who’s running to the cliff’s edge.

  4. Deonion says:

    Desilva, hens, gaming, foxes. Simmons, propaganda

  5. Seriously though says:

    OBA need to find a better message or messenger , attack attack attack altitude does not and will not offer solutions. Stop it please!

  6. Comfortably numb says:

    I see your JetGate and raise you TCDgate, Berkeleygate, Swizzlegate, Tittymilkgate, FaithBased Tourismgate, Black Mayors Conferencegate, PortRoyalgate, GlobalHuegate, MRIgate, GrandAtlanticgate, People’s Campaigngate, Tweedgate and, no doubt, many more I’ve missed.

    • A Little wisdom says:

      What about the big ones. The PLP is mute on the Uighur saga. Bermuda first??? I was always told, charity begins at ho,e. I wish nothing bad on these men and their families, but couldn’t those jobs have been been provided for our own people. Those men and their families have been living very well. Then there is question of the m$$$$$ that we are told were never paid out to accept theses 4 men. Do you believe that the Dr. and Burch never got a penny. I guess that donkeys do fly.

      And, the unaccounted for m$$$$$$$$$. The refuses to commence a thorough investigation to determine who has the monies and where it is. Ray, Steevy,and Hose can see the scam even from Mars. The stench of corruption, fraud, cover-ups, irresponsibly with tax payers money more pungent that during the Plague.

      Oh! I wonder what happened to that strange word and action called transparency. Even though the PLP won the election it does not mean that it has integrity, is honest, or has clean. It would be a more credible body if it bit the bullet, exposed the culprits, charged them as needed, and send them to Westgate as required under the laws and constition. I can think of many things that can be achieved if all monies could be retrieved. We can start with lowering our national debt, improving infrastructure, health services, public transport, etc.

      And what I cannot fathom is what is it that Dr. B has that all the PLP and its supporters follow and praise him like he was the messiah. He plays victim. Poor guy. They would not let me practice in my own country. Did he offer any evidence or proof of this accusation? No. But the lemmings took it hook, line, and sinker. He has had many opportunities and plenty time to present his proof. He really knows his constituent base. It buys any and every thing he offers; no questions asked.

      I hope and pray that Bermuda wakes up before it is too late. The PLP has taken to the brink.who will the rank and file blame as things get worse and we have to declare bankruptcy?tt

      • A Little wisdom says:

        I wish I could edit my comments. I also had difficulty scrolling up and down to proofread it.

  7. Let's Keep It Real says:

    If I was a PLP backbencher I would have been insulted by the reselection of Zane. What message are you sending. Only certain MP’s have the capability of holding Ministerial positions! That back bench needs to take a serious look at themselves and when they reconvene and stop voting on party line but on the best for Bermuda.

    I was totally embarrassed when I heard Roban respond to Gary Moreno, when he basically said ” I’m still in Cabinet”! That sounded very selfish, it sounded as if he was only concerned about his self interest rather than the country service.
    Backbenchers forget the party line and start voting what you know is right or wrong for the country! After all he is not making you a Minister any time soon or if at all.

    • sandgrownan says:

      “…it sounded as if he was only concerned about his self interest rather than the country service.”

      Well duh, he’s a PLP Minister. It’s all about self advancement and getting even. But it’s mostly about self advancement.

      Order of priority: Self first, then party, country last.

  8. Coffee says:

    The OBA/UBP have quite a few liabilities , Craig is probably the most visible . He should sit in a corner and keep his chops shut.

  9. aceboy says:

    Lots of comments about Jetgate. None about the extra salaries we can’t afford

  10. Stevie says:

    Burt removed himself from finance minister. Some thing seriously wrong. Remember E-wart stepped down as premier. Handed the mess to Paula Cox. Seems the same again. Think about it those who voted….

    • sandgrownan says:

      He’s knows that the economy has tanked. And he knows he can’t fix it.

  11. PANGAEA says:

    Musical chairs ! Does any body know what they are doing ?

    ” Never put a duck in a chicken race” !

  12. Bermy Greens says:

    Brown gets his money Zane gets back in.. Come on Bermuda you don’t see what this is about. Money money money…..