PLP: ‘OBA Record Is Nothing To Be Proud Of’

November 19, 2018

Following Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier’s Throne Speech reply, the PLP said that while the Leader of the Opposition “boasted of many successes,” the ”OBA record is nothing to be proud of” as they “doubled our debt,” and public services “were left to suffer, while $100 million was spent on the America’s Cup.”

PLP Comment

The PLP said, “The Leader of the Opposition and former Premier of Bermuda has been accused of lying to Parliament, lying to his Party and lying to Bermudians.

“The Leader of the OBA he continues to mislead the people of Bermuda by rewriting history and painting their epic failure as a government as a success. Their leader in fact, now has a record of repeatedly attempting to mislead Bermudians and many by now have begun to lose faith in his ability to be truthful.

“In the Throne Speech Reply, the Leader of the Opposition has boasted of many successes, but as someone once said if you wish to claim the assets, then you have to own the deficits.

PLP Comment on OBA Reply

“The only Premier forced to resign in disgrace says that their historic one term in government was one to be proud of.

“Is he proud of an OBA economy that saw 2000 jobs lost instead of the 2000 jobs created that they promised? Is he proud of an OBA economy that saw non-Bermudian jobs increase while Bermudian jobs decreased?

“Is he proud of the OBA neglect of our infrastructure, our schools, our buses and our roads, that he now is trying to blame on the PLP? Is he proud of OBA attempts to open up the immigration floodgates via Fahy/OBA Pathways to Status that led to the historic protest at Parliament?

“Is he proud of being part of a government that pepper sprayed seniors, that called concerned teachers ‘mischievous,’ that called Bermudians ‘xenophobic?’

“The OBA record is nothing to be proud of – it is a record of broken promises, deception and anti- Bermudian policies. In 4.5 years the OBA doubled our debt, 2000 jobs were lost. Public services from buses, to trash collection, and schools were left to suffer, while $100 million was spent on the America’s Cup.

“Under the OBA Bermudians fell behind and were treated like a mere afterthought. The PLP was elected to transform Bermuda’s economy for the future, and our policies which will put development and investment in Bermudians first to yield long term benefits.”

OBA Response

In response, an OBA spokesperson said, “It is interesting to see how the PLP continues to try and distract from the real issue here: that the economy is flatlining, that people are suffering under the burden of new taxes and that there is no Plan B to address the failure of Fintech in stimulating the economy.

“They use this kind of diversionary tactic over and over but it is not working. Mr and Mrs Bermuda see how the Ministerial salary level has increased while their pay stagnates and they question why an already rich man gets preferential treatment to the tune of $1.2m, while their health care costs have increased.

“This comment is the best the PLP can do? That says everything about that Party and this Government.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    So, according to the PLP, the OBA pepper sprayed seniors?!

    It’s laughable. Clutching at straws.

    The economy is contracting.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      You are right. It is simple – all many Bermudians know is that they are taking home less money today than they did 18 months ago. All while basic living costs are going up. Spin that one Pee El Pee!!

      I’ll say it again: the only person better off under this Pee El Pee gov’t is Ewart Brown!!

      • DeOnion says:

        Not quite – don’t forget the 12 ministers and the overall increase in ministerial salaries

        • 2 Bermudas says:

          Good point, the friends and family plan is back in full swing. Pee El Pee are partying like it’s 2006!!

    • Real talk says:

      So your say it did not happen?

      • Hey says:

        Ask yourself who put stirred up the emotions and rallied people to block access? The police have nothing to do with the OBA, yet the PLP are that arrogant that they put the blame on the OBA to try and stir up emotions.

        What was it all over? An airport that has been proven to be a good deal for Bermuda and Bermudians as the PLP commissioned report indicated.

        Yet they blame the OBA for the incident…..People are waking up to what the PLP truly represent, and it isn’t them or their interests.

  2. DeOnion says:

    Wow, wow! The PLP is STILL behaving like it is in Opposition! These guys are clueless!

  3. question says:

    The debt did not ‘double’ under the OBA. It doesn’t matter how many times the PLP say it; it is not true. It did not happen.
    Debt did however increase by 7x (way more than doubled) during the last 6 years the PLP were in.
    The OBA did not spend $100m on the AC. Nowhere near it.
    And it was not the government that ‘pepper sprayed seniors’.

    Why is it that the PLP always resort to lying? Are they incapable of winning a discussion based on the truth?

    • Deep Throat says:

      The debt increased under the OBA – it had to because the OBA was forced to borrow more to pay for the deficit it was left by the PLP.
      If the PLP does not think the debt would have increased by the same amount if they were in power then they are being delusional

      • Wondering says:

        Thank you, thank you, thank you! Why does nobody bring this up more often?

    • Onion says:

      In 2012 David Burt was attacking the OBA for promising to reign in spending and move the budget into balance. It’s astoundingly intellectually dishonest for the PLP for now be blaming someone else for not fixing their mess quickly enough.

  4. Double S says:

    I noticed the PLP failed to address one point raised by the Opposition.

    Guess it is hard to spin an economy that is in a nose dive (don’t have the convenient global recession excuse anymore).

    Can any PLPer please explain on how hiking taxes on the population will be beneficial to attracting much needed foreign investment to our shores or will assist in bringing down the cost of living for the average man on the street? Their plan on hiking foreign currency purchase tax by 75% will be paid for by all consumers as each and everything we consume is imported using foreign currencies.

    PS: PLP lost 2,000 jobs in 2012 alone. The OBA stopped the bleeding. Facts are facts.

  5. stormy daniels says:

    Our national debt has climbed to what in less then 2 years?

  6. Deepest Throat says:

    Oh dear, oh dear .. the PLP has been in power for 17 months or so, and this is the best they can do? Do they actually know they are in Government?

  7. What says:

    is either political party’s past one to be proud of?

    • Question says:

      Which one was better? The one that grew debt by 7x in seven years, spending $400m a year more than it collected, and spending $100m a year on foreign consultants?
      It’s not even close.

  8. eyes wide open says:

    The plp have,are and always will,lie to their own.
    It’s a sad state of affairs in Bermuda everyday watching people suffering one way or another whilst their own live it up on huge salaries they don’t deserve.

  9. Clem says:

    Come on PLP where are your jobs? Why are you raising living costs with your new taxes? Why are you increasing the size of the civil service?

  10. Me says:

    Tiddy milk we are not proud of

  11. kevin says:

    plp couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag they need a new logo …how about an ostrich…….or a ventriloquist….you hear stuff just not sure where it comes from ….where are we going all you plp faithfuls …where is the plan ….if its Tax and go we are slipping deeper and deeper …wait until they devalue our dollar its coming….or independence can you just imagine …well as Bermudians leave their own country week after week the future is pretty glum
    thanks 25-11 thought I would never see this day

  12. Ringmaster says:

    To the detriment of Bermuda the jobs created by the PLP seem to be in the Civil Service. More debt. The private sector jobs are for expats not Bermudians, as in another story the Minister is quoted as saying he has a massive backlog of work permit applications to clear. Go figure.

  13. Something is Majorly Wrong says:

    PLP really? Actually this is the Minsiter of Propaganda writing. The fact is PLP is bringing Bermuda to its knees and when they have to grant status they will spin and spin. They are all full time Ministers? Half of them do claim jobs and income from other places!!! Pathetic Lying Party at it again.

  14. Joseph W says:

    “Flawless” David Burt put the lie of the OBA doubling the national debt before the election; PuLP fiction same as the the People’s Campaign

  15. Truth Wins says:

    The OBA has much to be proud of. They brought Bermuda back from the brink. And 18 months later the plp is taking us to the brink again.

    • Go says:

      OBA were a bunch of morons! Paying twice the cost over next bidder to have a boat race and instead of using Morgan’s Point they build Cross Island to fill coffers of their friends!

      • Can't read says:

        I guess you didn’t or maybe I should say couldn’t read the PW report

  16. Jackson Ridley says:

    The PLP is a joke. They have the crust to keep blaming others. They smashed this country blind during their 14yr stint and brought it to its knees. OBA brought in some much needed foreign investment and stopped the bleeding. Now we’re on downward spiral again…

  17. Anbu says:

    Where is OJ?! The great plp defender. Surely he must be foaming at the bit to shed some insight as to how this somehow isnt their fault. Lets have it bro. Why so quiet all of a sudden. U and woke aink got nuffin to say?

  18. That is the nature of “them”.
    Typically finding glorification in nothingness..oba has Dunkley and Cannonier to thank for their rubbish philosophies in dealing with Bermuda. Neither were educated enough to do much good.
    Track record… oba…. grade F!!!!
    Total blunderers.