Education Dept Confirms Student Suffered Injury

December 19, 2018

The Department of Education has confirmed that an industrial accident occurred at CedarBridge Academy on December 6, 2018 which resulted in a student being taken to the hospital for a serious injury.

A Government spokesperson said, “The child’s parents were immediately contacted and were at the hospital. A representative at the school reported that the student has returned to school; that a meeting was held with parents and a support team is assisting the student and parents to address any concerns.

“Following the incident, the Department of Health was contacted and an investigation was launched. In addition, the school’s Safety and Health team is continuing their investigation into this matter.”

Commissioner Kalmar Richards stated, “On hearing about this incident, we at the Department of Education were relieved to find out that the student is well enough to return to school and we extend best wishes to the student and parents. The Department and the CedarBridge Board of Governors will continue to facilitate and support all external and internal investigations.”

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  1. Oh boy says:

    This happened on December 6th? MOE has been highly publicized over this entire month but no news on this then?

  2. I ATTEND Cedarbridge academy and this kid had a very serious injury as he lost a finger and a piece of another people need to know