Two Injured At Pembroke Scaffolding Incident

June 20, 2015

Two persons were injured near Bacardi International on Pitts Bay Road, in an incident involving nearby scaffolding early on Friday [June 19] morning, resulting in the two being transported by ambulance to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment.

BFRS said, “The Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service responded to an emergency incident at 65 Pitt’s Bay Rd., Pembroke around 12:17am on Friday, June 19, 2015.

Sergeant Russann Francis reports, “We responded to an incident where 2 persons were injured by nearby scaffolding.”

“The injured persons were taken to the hospital for further treatment.”

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  1. Really bad form…health and safety always precedes work…you have to provide safety

  2. Mama Bear says:

    Sorry people were injured. The section that great sound had up was dangerous as it was mid afternoon and they were half way in the road? They had it set up in front of the crosswalk. This meant lights flashing or not pedestrians would have to poptheir head out around the great sound area to see if oncoming traffic was actually stopping.
    As a driver those coming towards the area the lane heading towards town thankfully stopped but the traffic from the opposite direction could not see me and eventually someone understood i was trying to get out of Waterlot parking lot. I could not see for sure and slowly made my way. There were no traffic lights set up nor was there anyone directing traffic. I told Great Sound it was dangerous and was given the “screw off” look. Very disappointed at the whole scenario.
    Tourists were everywhere and had any of them just trusted the crosswalk lights they could of been in harms way.
    Was there a permit (is one required?) i don’t know … But it
    Was an accident waiting to happen. Having ONE person directing traffic would have avoided a few near misses. I think i was fortunate to get out of waterlot safely – thankfully no bikes were coming thru. And it would of been my fault as I was the one entering the road. Yes, we are. In Bermuda and yes sometimes we can ease up on rules. In my opinion it was dangerous.
    All of my comments have zero to do with scaffolding coming down but the whole set up was very unsafe for all.
    Disappointed this is in relation to a major company who has LOTS of space to stay off the road or enough money to have someone out directing traffic. I hope those injured are ok!
    Just my opinion! Looked like a great party!
    Just do it right