Preview Of Upcoming Football Preliminaries

December 1, 2018

[Written by Patrick Bean]

League action steps aside this weekend as the preliminary round competition for the treasured Friendship Trophy takes place with two matches, one tonight featuring North Village playing at the home of BAA, Goose Gosling Field, while multiple cup winners and defending champions PHC take on an in-form Paget Lions squad that has surprised even in their unpredictability this season.

The head-liner of any local grouping involving PHC renders them as the favourite for ultimate success, however coach Scott Morton would well have advised his collection of all-star talent at the Warwick Club of the debilitating risk potential of taking any team for granted, but particularly the current edition from Ord Road’s ‘bush’ reaches’, one containing the Island’s premier match winner in either soccer or cricket in the form of Dion Stovell.

Stovell, Somerset MVP at this year’s midsummer classic, is this year’s man of value for Paget despite having only played in four of eight league matches. The attack-minded play-maker and finisher extraordinaire is the second leading scorer in the Premiership with seven goals, trailing only runaway leader Donavan Thompson from season surprise team X-Roads, who also warrants MVP consideration at the half-way point of the season based on a remarkable 16 goals from eight matches, for a rarely heard average of two goals a game.

As Stovell goes, so will Paget, however PHC have much ore dependable depth than their opponents, with Wendell (Tre) Ming the chamber from which the Zebras run, with great accompaniment from fellow national squad member Cecoy Robinson, who is ranging in attack and on the other side of the ball.

Two players of note, who have been recent injury concerns may also be able to return after what has been a lengthy break for the Zebras, are midfielder Marco Warren recovering from a serious groin injury and defender Na’eem Griffith, who is the more available.

Paget drew 3-3 with X-Roads in their most recent action and would do well to score more than a third of that number against PHC’s defence, their concern will again be their own assemblage at the rear to prevent a PHC with no shortage of attacking schemes to open any formationed goal guard.

As it is both of the Friendship finalists of last season’s competition are in action at the preliminary stage, having been randomly drawn. PHC and North Village are representative of winning histories in all local cup competition.

BAA and Paget are understood underdogs who would want to get beyond their matches injury and suspension free to focus on the league competition in maintenance of their top class status.

PHC also will be in action through the week, with a make-up match against Dandy Town, which was postponed last Sunday, will be played on Wednesday at Goose Gosling Field, starting at 9 p.m.

The Bermuda Football Association’s Youth Leagues continued with a handful of games played in the Under 13 and Under 15 Divisions with many a competitive match on display and to behold.

Winners on the day were all, additionally via terms of score Next Generation Flanagan’s Onions shared points and spoils with Warwick Archer Bows (Robin Hood) at three goals apiece, while PHC Zebras got past Dandy Town 2-0, Hamilton Parish edged Somerset in a five-goal fest 3-2, while BAA defeated Warwick Archer Arrows by an unreported tally.

In Under 15 actions North Village Rams were a goal better than St. George’s at 3-2, Warwick Archer Bows (Robin Hood) bettered BAA by four scores 5-1 and PHC Zebras mimicked their younger side with a 2-0 triumph over Warwick Archer Arrows.

Under 13 Division

  • BAA defeated Warwick Archers Arrows
  • Next Generation Flanagan’s Onions 3 Warwick Archers Bows 3
  • PHC Zebras 2 Dandy Town Hornets 0
  • Hamilton Parish 3 Somerset Trojans 2

Under 15 Division

  • North Village Rams 3 St. George’s Colts 2
  • Warwick Archers Bows 5 BAA 1
  • PHC Zebras 2 Warwick Archers Arrows 0

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