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January 11, 2019

[Written by Patrick Bean]

League action continues this weekend, with all member clubs of the Bermuda Football Association [BFA] in play among the top divisions, except for Fort St. David’s of the First Division.

Several intriguing battles are set, with the leadership and relegation battles of chief concern.

Robin Hood v Somerset, Somerset Cricket Club, Saturday, 8 p.m.

League leaders Robin Hood get the first crack at assuming the points lead alone in the Premier Division when they travel west to face a Somerset team recently showing glimpses of emerging from the doldrums that has them without a win in 10 league matches.

The young Trojans have been over-matched by most everyone, but a 2-2 draw last week to steal X-Roads’ thunderous drive toward the top and another just prior to the Christmas break, together with the fact that they have been finding ways to create and even score some chances, would have coach Musceo Hunt hopeful of crossing the barrier.

However, there might well be no more hungrier franchise for a victory to jump-start their second half run to the finish than their opponents on the night. Hood squandered a chance to move atop the standings last Sunday when they were held to a 0-0 stalemate by a normally disorganised Devonshire Cougars pack.

Rankings dictate that Robin Hood rediscovers their scoring boots and keeps the Trojans defence at bay.

Prediction: Robin Hood 4-1

Boulevard v BAA, St David’s, Sunday, 3:00 PM AST

BAA are still in touch with the leaders, albeit by a healthy margin, however their stated goal is to avoid relegation and to such task they are performing well.

Yet if they are to continue to battle for a spot in the top four and not the avoidance of a precipitous drop, they need to rid themselves of the sluggishness of the mid-term break and find a new gear other than that displayed against Dandy Town last week as they lost 3-2, with the two goals from Keishen Bean were more of his own dynamics than that of the team.

Bean will warrant Boulevard’s attention surely, however Ian Coke, the Blazers’ leader in attack, has not feasted heartily for a while and this might provide the moment he finds prey during the hunt.

Prediction: Draw 2-2


A well rested PHC should again sound the trumpet as to who is the true kings of the land, with Cougars as the sacrificial lambs to prove their point.

Cougars did well to hold out a hitherto free-scoring Robin Hood during a scoreless draw a week ago, but to expect the defence to produce such expert containment for two weeks in a row against in-form attacks might be asking a bit much.

Zebras’ Cecoy Robinson continues to distinguish himself as the best in the land when it comes to creating and taking scoring chances, while the backing Tre Ming has shown his own deft touch in front of goal coming forward from holding positions, deep in midfield and showing equal ability going both ways.

To challenge for victory away from the den appears a task too tall for Devonshire and to hold close the defeat the likely reality.

Prediction: PHC 4-2

Dandy Town v Paget, St Johns, 3:00 PM AST

Dandy Town come of an escape act to defeat BAA on a majestic free-kick by captain Angelo Simmons and Paget might want to mark the schemer very closely. Town also has the incentive to play and further consolidate fourth place, as they now possess a narrow point advantage beyond fifth placed North Village, who too are showing signs.

Paget are staring once again at the wrong end and must gather form to improve their chances of survival, however Sunday does not appear as if it’s going to be their day.

Prediction: Dandy Town 2-1

X-Roads v North Village, Garrison, 3:00 PM AST

This is perhaps the match of the day at the coast-lined expanse of Garrison Field in St. George’s, as a rising North Village under coach Randy Spence seem to be catching onto the coaching concepts to better outcome and reward.

X-Roads may be at such a line of demarcation as to which path their championship hopes travels upon, as they need more than shared and lost spoils they’ve returned in recent times.

Donavan Thompson has spoken of his desire to surpass the season scoring mark of Coleridge [Bumla] Bell and his team could use one his noted outburst in his and X-Roads quest for the record books.

Prediction: Draw 2-2

YMSC v Ireland Rangers, Police Field, Saturday, 3:00 PM AST

A battle of First Division minnows and tough to call as neither has offered much thus far and threaten to provide more of the same.

Prediction: YMSC 4-3

Somerset Eagles v St. George’s , White Hill, 12:30 PM AST

This one prospects a battle consistent along lines of the always energetic east versus west rivalries, this one on the expanse of White Hill Field, which should provide the ideal surface for attractive soccer and tactical warfare.

Eagles are unbeaten for the league season and should continue in that vein against the always gritty St. George’s.

Prediction: Somerset Eagles 3-2

Devonshire Colts v Wolves, Police Field, 12:30 PM AST

An interesting engagement this mid-table clash, as both teams have shown signs of improvement towards the latter of the first half season and into the post festive season, which calls for willed stamina and accurate execution.

Colts were good but not enough in the Shield semis, but came back to thrash cellar-dwellers Vasco in their last match.

Meanwhile Wolves, under player/coach Vince Minors, dominated the high-riding Hot Peppers last Saturday away to the tune of a thrashing and they could certainly use more of that.

Prediction: Draw 3-3

Southampton Rangers v Hamilton Parish, Southampton Oval, 12:30 PM AST

The undoubted match of the day among the division, with Southampton settled firmly on a journey to the top flight and Hamilton Parish soon to be their most recent casualty victim when they come to task at The Oval.

Coach Jomar Wilkinson’s men are unchallenged and unbowed in their quest thus far and Parish, although in tense need of at least a share of the spoils, likely do not have enough to both travel and secure points against the Rangers’ machinery led of late by the attack-minded and skillful flank-player Donte Brangman.

Parish will have to show a lot less lethargy than they did against Wolves to stand a chance of one point, let alone three.

Prediction: Southampton: 3-1

Vasco v Flanagan’s, Bernard Park, 12:30 PM AST

Neither of these teams have warranted much look as threats to any but themselves, as the tables and positioning denote.

Vasco are struggling to stay relevant as an entity, while Flanagan’s appear more for the fun factor.

Prediction: Vasco 2-1

Team Power Rankings

Premier Division

  • 1. PHC
  • 2. Robin Hood
  • 3. X-Roads
  • 4. Dandy Town
  • 5. North Village
  • 6. BAA
  • 7. Devonshire Cougars
  • 8. Boulevard
  • 9. Paget
  • 10. Somerset

First Division

  • 1. Southampton Rangers
  • 2. Somerset Eagles
  • 3. Hamilton Parish
  • 4. St. George’s
  • 5. Wolves
  • 6. St. David’s
  • 7. Devonshire Colts
  • 8. YMSC
  • 9. Flanagan’s
  • 10. Ireland Rangers
  • 11. Vasco

Weekend Socccer Schedule


Premier Division

  • Robin Hood v Somerset CC, SCC, 8.00 PM AST

First Division

  • Ireland Rangers v YMSC, Police Field, 3:00 PM AST


Premier Division

  • BAA v Boulevard, St David’s, 3:00 PM AST
  • DRC v Pembroke Hamilton Club, PHC, 3:00 PM AST
  • Paget v Dandy Town, St Johns, 3:00 PM AST
  • North Village v X-Roads WFC, Garrison,

First Division

  • St. George’s v Somerset Eagles, White Hill, 12:30 PM AST
  • Wolves v Devonshire Colts, Police Field, 12:30 PM AST
  • Hamilton Parish WC v Southampton Rangers, Southampton Oval, 12:30 PM AST
  • Flanagan’s v Vasco, Bernard Park, 12:30 PM AST
  • St. David’s – BYE

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