PRIDE To Release Documentary On Marijuana

January 14, 2019

Aiming to take an “unbiased look at marijuana use in Bermuda,” PRIDE will release its inaugural documentary entitled “Marijuana; It’s Complicated – Our Problem, Our Solution” on Wednesday [Jan 16] at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute at 6:00pm.

The organisation said, “With the recent changes in marijuana legislation in Bermuda to duly address social injustices, make provision for alternative medical options for those suffering with pain or disease and the increase in the rate of adolescent use in 2015, PRIDE Bermuda initiated the making of a documentary on marijuana use in Bermuda.

“The intent of the documentary is to take an unbiased look at marijuana use in Bermuda. PRIDE will release its inaugural documentary entitled “Marijuana; It’s Complicated – Our Problem, Our Solution” on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute at 6:00 p.m. Admission: $10.00. Proceeds will assist with costs.

“PRIDE in collaboration with its prevention partner, The Bermuda Coalition, is raising community awareness about the complexity of marijuana use from a social, legal and medical perspective. While decriminalization removed the criminal offenses for possession of small amounts of marijuana, it is still illegal to smoke it in public and private places.

“Although doctors have been given the consent to prescribe medical marijuana, Bermuda is only allowed to legally import one gram of marijuana for medical purposes per year. Persons, who suffered social injustices under former policies, will soon be granted first dibs on licenses to cultivate medical marijuana in Bermuda.

“So, in the midst of all of the complexity, how will our children and adolescents be impacted? Will their perception of harm diminish and use increase? What are the potential risks associated with adolescent use?

“The community is invited to join PRIDE for the viewing of the documentary featuring interviews with Ms. Joanne Dean, Director of the Department for National Drug Control; Dr. Cheryl Peek-Ball, Chief Medical Officer; Dr. Peter Perinchief, Pediatrician; Dr. Kyjuan Brown, North Shore Medical & Aesthetics Center, former minister The Hon. Michael Weeks, JP, MP; Marvin Stovell, Youth Minister/Singer/Author and more for approximately 25 minutes in length, followed by a panel discussion with local experts Dr. Kyjuan Brown, Director of Public Prosecutions Larry Mussenden, Youth Minster Marvin Stovell, and Juanee Scott, Videographer/Producer of the film.

For more information about the Release of the Marijuana Documentary, call PRIDE Bermuda on 295-9970 or email

Marijuana Documentary Bermuda Jan 2019

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  1. Question says:

    Tell you what. If these people want to harm themselves by taking marijuana, let them. Then maybe they will stop whining.
    But don’t blame everyone else when you can’t get a job, or you can’t hold a job. Don’t blame everyone else when you get health problems, And don’t expect everyone else to pick up the financial consequences. It’s all on you.

    • Aaron Lewis says:

      You sound pretty obstinate right now. Its marijuana not heroin… Half the island already smokes it!

    • aceboy says:

      Do you drink?

      I am not aware of any actual medical benefit of alcohol, other than perhaps sterilization, but heat or cold can do that.

      If a guy smokes herb instead of drinking, I see no problem with it EXCEPT he is risking being arrested, put on a stop list and has to fork out OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money just to have that option.

      Legalize it, tax it (but keep the cost non prohibitive) and develop north Hamilton into a café pedestrian area with coffee shops, like in Amsterdam.

      All of this caring about health is laughable when we have events sponsored by liquor producers and have Dark and Stormies as our claim to fame. It is Sugar-tax like.

    • Greatful says:

      What scientific facts do you actually know about cannabis other than effects of its abuse. You appear to be hypocritical religious activist with one sided views.

      • question says:

        There is no proper research that says long-term use of marijuana is not harmful. In other words, it’s a high risk, just like tobacco was in the 1950s. And if people want to take that risk, fine, let them. But don’t expect everyone else to pick up the bills when you need healthcare, or welfare checks, or financial support because you can’t get a job. If you get cancer or breathing problems, or mental health problems, or financial problems of any kind, you are on your own.
        And BTW, I do not belong to a religion. In fact there’s one group of religious nuts who think marijuana is great, isn’t there?

        • Taj L. says:

          Recent studies have actually shown that thc can actually inhibit new growth of cancer cells. Bermuda can take a giant leap in the worlds economic standing if they sit down and develop their sciences. I’m glad to be apart of the youth that will lead this change. Bermudians are greatly misinformed on this subject and that’s ok. New information is constatly being discovered and will be available for many communities.

  2. MB says:

    Marijuana is no gateway drug. It is a one way ticket to nowhere. a devastating brain cell killing drug taking a massive toll in our community, and to loosen laws like govt has without any education around it is a disaster for Bermuda. I applaud effort to make this film, though interested to see it’s spin.

    • sage says:

      Cannabis is a neuro-protectant and is used to heal brain trauma in combat soldiers, what kills brain cells is liquor and it is taking a massive toll in our community.

    • aceboy says:

      Please educate yourself then. Canada has legalized it, a number of states in the US have done the same.

      The gateway drug you are looking for is booze. I have no doubt you consume that regularly. Probably wrote that post with a drink sitting next to you.

  3. Joel says:

    Too much of anything is bad for you coffee ,alcohol ,sugar ,sex etc as with weed be prepared for the side effects the real question is why folks when they wake up need to take a relaxing drug to bring you down and then try to perform on a basic level , addiction is adddiction get help

  4. Harry Buttle says:

    Couldn’t imagine that legal marijuana would be any worse than the alcohol consumption that is the norm here. All it means is that people can choose their substance of choice. At least with marijuana there’s WAY less of a chance of someone beating someone else senseless over a seemingly minor infraction as is the norm with alcohol abuse. Maybe the worst that will happen is a cheeto fight or a burger war.

    I understand these “experts” trying to rationalize developmental issues with substance abuse. It’s not a matter of substance, it’s a matter of control. No weed, then it’s on to alcohol which is perfectly legal and easy to obtain even under age.

    Anyway we’ll probably debate it for the next 10 years while the rest of the world realizes that the criminal element is really the winner in the weed wars.

  5. Dread says:

    Been smoking ganja for about 55 years now, never been unemployed, never been sick, other than a few colds now and then, never begged, borrowed or stolen so go figure!!

  6. Truth Must be Known over Lies says:

    More lies. The reason it is being legalized around the world for medicinal and recreational use, is because all recent and modern scientific studied, even by the FDA, have proven that cannabis is one of the safest drugs out there. The FDA ranks coffee as five times as dangerous for your body. A drug is only supposed to be illegal if “it has no medical value”. It has been proven that cannabis cures and treats up to 300 diseases, conditions, etc. It has saved countless lives, especially children with convulsions and seizures. How could such a blessed plant, put here by God, a herb of the field of which we were commanded to use, be made illegal? It has legit medicinal value, and all tests prove it does not damage the brain or memory, but in fact can enhance mental factors. It is also proven to be not addictive. So why demonize this blessed plant? Shame on society, and the liars who have kept this medicinal and recreational plant from us. The plant if legalized would boost our economy by billions of dollars, create countless jobs, eliminate a lot of crime, ease the prison system, ease the courts and police, and increase tourism beyond comprehension.

    • question says:

      Well why don’t you quote the peer-reviewed studies that prove marijuana’s safety when used on a long-term widespread basis?

      You can’t. They don’t exist.

    • Coffee says:

      Leave Coffee out of this …

      Actually the best Coffee and marijuana are grown in the exact same conditions.. Like the Blue Mountain region of a particular country .

  7. Bermudian CEO says:

    I am a highly successful Bermudian. I have exceeded expectations in most things I have done both during my education and my career and even athletics (track, football, competitive swimming). I am a mentor, a coach, and a leader for close to 100 employees. 95% of people who know me will be shocked to know I started smoking at age 12. By 16 I was smoking basically every day. I continued to smoke heavily throughout my education all the way up to my PhD. I to this day continue to smoke weed recreationally. The point of this statement is that marijuana is not as harmful as the media is making it out to be. Those that are strictly against marijuana typically do not have the experience of smoking and are simply going with what they have been told by the government and media outlets. I am living proof that marijuana, like alcohol, can be used recreationally while still performing and even excelling in all aspects of life. This is not a promotion or an encouragement to go out and smoke weed since like alcohol, marijuana isn’t for everyone. This is simply a statement that contradicts what most governments and media outlets want you to hear from someone who has extensive knowledge on the subject.

    • question says:

      If you really have a PhD you would understand that your anecdotal story is not ‘evidence’ or ‘living proof’ of anything at all. There have been no proper studies into the effects of long-term widespread regular use of marijuana.
      As I said above, if someone wants to take that risk, fine. But if it results in health problems, or problems getting a job, or financial problems, don’t expect everyone else to pay for it. You’re on your own.

      • Chris Smith says:

        Drugs dont ruin careers, drug tests do.

      • Johnny B says:

        He/She never said what the PhD was in. You can get a PhD in creative arts lol.

      • aceboy says:

        You need to go and share all your “facts” with the Canadian government. Somehow you seem to know more than all of the doctors and medical experts that were consulted by the government on its supposed “danger” to society.

        How do you feel about the huge fat people standing in line at KFC? They are unhealthy and the long term effects of eating crap are pretty obvious. Should they be “on their own” too? Why should I pay for their poor health choices?

    • Taj L. says:

      We should start an informal campaign to help educate bermudians. I have also been very successful with cannabis and I’ve even been without several years consistently. I believe it is the user that defines the effects of this substance. It’s the same as if eating kfc once a week or four times a week. It will slow you down if you don’t manage it within your capacity. Your individual capacity to mentally and physically tolerate any substance difines your potential output. Cannabis is helpful and for some people who can’t manage maybe it’s not the substance and maybe it’s the person…I’m running a lil off course but my point is that Cannabis is not a harmful substance when it is managed responsibly.

  8. ImJustSayin says:

    Like many drugs the young should not use because of the negative effects on their development. The benefits of CBD out way the negative. You don’t get much benefit from smoking Marijuana because most of it is exhaled back out. I would like the doctor to explain the dangers of the flu vaccine. Seems to be a case of ‘herb phobia’.

  9. Legalize it tax it...then buy a wallet. says:

    A panel of experts…cheech and chong?