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February 25, 2019

Following the successful launch of the ocean-themed Gibbons Company reusable bags last year, they will now be made available for purchase with part proceeds to benefit BUEI and the charity’s environmental and sustainability programmes.

The price for the reusable bags will be a $1.00 for small, $1.25 for medium and $1.50 for large. Customers will also receive a free, right-sized bag with a purchase of $150 or more, for a limited time.

“Also, in an effort to reduce single-use plastic bags, Gibbons Company will start charging between 10 cents to 20 cents per bag, depending on the size. The new price changes for the reusable and plastic bags will take effect 4th March 2019,” the company said.

Large Bag Lifestyle Bermuda February 2019

Paula Clarke, CEO, Gibbons Company added that: “Our ecosystem is precious. It provides and sustains life for not only us as humans but also a wide range of species including those that are native and endemic to Bermuda, and as a result, we feel compelled to help reduce the amount of plastics in and around our beautiful natural environment.

“By switching to reusable bags, Gibbons Company is playing a vital role in helping to change consumer habits by encouraging customers to use less waste, particularly single-use plastic bags. With the reusable bags now in circulation across the island, it provides the ideal opportunity for them to be used for shopping at Gibbons Company again and again, while also giving persons an appealing, durable and versatile eco-friendly bag for many other purposes such as outings on the beach or a picnic at the park. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.”

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The durable bags are made out of recycled plastic water bottles, about 2-4 bottles per bag depending on the size. Bottles are collected, cleaned, sorted and processed by being crushed into small pieces. They are then re-formed into yarn to make up the fabric of the bags. The entire process uses 94% less water, 60% less energy and 32% less CO2 emissions than other textiles like cotton, linen, and wool.

Small Bag Lifestyle Bermuda February 2019

The company noted, “Gibbons Company is currently working on a re-usable solution for our jumbo [pillow] bag and therefore, will not be charging for them at this time. Jumbo bags will only be available for the purchase of large items, such as pillows and comforter sets, which suit the needs of the bag.”

For more information about the bags, please visit here.

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