Statement On Dec 2nd Settlement Postponed

February 17, 2019

The statement which was due to be delivered in the House of Assembly on the settlement following the pepper spraying of people during the December 2nd, 2016 protests has been postponed.

The Order Paper for Friday [Feb 15] had listed Minister of National Security Wayne Caines as due to deliver a statement on the “Ministry of National Security December 2nd 2016 Settlement,” however the Speaker of the House requested that it be postponed as the Joint Select Committee has not concluded their business.

While the statement has been postponed, it has already been confirmed that a settlement was made, with the Minister confirming to ZBM that payments were made, with ZBM reporting that some $225,000 was paid out.

Following the initial report by ZBM, a Ministry of National Security spokesperson previously said, “As a result of the December 2, 2016 protest, which took place in the vicinity of the House of Assembly and culminated in the pepper-spraying of members of the public in attendance, a number of Applicants sought to pursue legal action against the Police Complaints Authority.

“In an effort to settle this matter, the Ministry of National Security engaged in discussions with the Applicants and the parties have come to an amicable conclusion.

“The settlement is a legally binding, confidential document which prohibits the parties from divulging the details or nature of the settlement. As such, the Ministry of National Security and by extension, the Government, is unable to comment any further on this matter.

“The settlement also saves the costs of a lengthy court hearing on the application for judicial review and ends the prospect of any further proceedings.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    And with no election in sight!

  2. Wahoo says:

    Why can nothing ever be done when promised?

  3. Titty Milk Joke says:

    Titty milk thinking of what he should say

  4. Ringmaster says:

    This should not be gagged as it is tax payers money being used to pay off people who disobeyed police orders. Since several were charged and boundover by the court were they included in the settlement? If so why? Will the PLP inquiry be made public or covered up since they couldn’t blame the OBA? PLP continuing to use public money to pay friends and family.

  5. Bdaguy says:

    So people could brake the law and get paid for it that the PLP they give out work permit when some get fire from to job and they still of them a work permit

  6. Kevin says:

    Its the plp way …they reward a bunch of people who were breaking the law and ignoring police instructions ….sounds right doesn’t it …pepper sprayed they should have been arrested…all of them ….they will give it all away …votes that is all they want but the day will soon come when your vote wont matter because your dollar will be worthless and who cares who is in charge ….

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Only in Bermuda can you defy police and break the law to intimidate politicians during law-making times, and then get paid for doing it. No surprise the PLP is the government paying these people. Pepper spray does not injure it only causes burning sensation, and these people are acting like innocent lambs who got beaten down. Pathetic. Disgusting display of human behaviour that day