Roban: Response From Governor ‘Falls Short’

January 12, 2017

“The reactive response from the Governor to our request for a public, independent investigation into the pepper spray events of Friday, December 2nd falls way short of the reassurance that Bermuda needs,” Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban said, adding that “rhe Governor did not even commit to a public disclosure of the findings.”

Governor Announces Senior UK Police Officer To Conduct Review

Yesterday, Governor John Rankin said, “As made clear in my statement of 7 December, there are two investigations currently underway in respect of the protests outside the House of Assembly on 2 December.

“First, a police investigation into allegations of criminal conduct by those protesting, with files being prepared for possible charges.

“Secondly, an investigation into complaints brought against police officers which have been referred to the Police Complaints Authority.

“I have also agreed with the Commissioner of Police and following consultation with the Premier that, in line with best practice, the police response to the protests should be independently reviewed by a peer organization.

“I am making arrangements to have a senior UK police officer conduct such a review and make recommendations wherever improvements could be made, including as appropriate on any future resource or training needs.”

Walter Roban’s Statement

Mr Roban said, “The reactive response from the Governor to our request for a public, independent investigation into the pepper spray events of Friday, December 2nd falls way short of the reassurance that Bermuda needs.

“Yesterday’s announcement that a senior UK Police Officer will conduct a peer review of ‘…the Police response to the protests…’ has all the appearance of being nothing short of a whitewash that the Government is happily watching unfold. The Governor did not even commit to a public disclosure of the findings. That is not in keeping with the best practice he talks of.

“We are of the view that a peer review will do little, if anything, to address the core issues that the PLP, the Speaker of the House and many in Bermuda have identified and called for. To be clear, we repeat them again:

  • “The need for an independent investigation into the incident.
  • “A commitment to release the findings of that investigation to the public.
  • “A commitment to disclose the vital information to the public about who in authority outside of the Bermuda Police Service knew, in advance, of the deployment and tactical options and the equipment to be carried and available for use.

“While the Governor is convinced that a peer review is the answer to these and other questions regarding conflict of interest, we clearly do not agree and urge him to reconsider other courses of action.

“If he is unwilling to do that, then we call upon him to immediately exercise his constitutional authority to direct that further persons will not be charged with offences arising out of the December 2nd events until the peer review is complete.

“Anything less than that makes a mockery of the review. We remind everyone that it was the Premier who called the Police action ‘violence against our citizens.’

“With that said, we call upon the Governor and the Government to assure the public that the evidence subject to the peer review will be fully disclosed to the public. Anything less than that simply clouds the transparency and does nothing to restore confidence.

“Further, we call upon the Governor, the Premier and the Minister of National Security to exercise their authority to ensure that press requests for information in accordance with the PATI legislation are complied with and the information be fully disclosed to the public, as they should be.

“Up to this point, the Governor, the Premier and the Minister of National Security and the OBA Government have failed the Bermuda public in the requests for an independent investigation into the events of December 2nd. They still have a chance to correct this.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Be quiet Roban. Issuing demands, for which you don’t have the authority, makes you look more stupid than normal.

    Typical MO though, moan and whine about something before it has even happened.

    • Know it All says:

      Suprised they haven’t asked for the Auditor General to investigate this too, or that they want a Blue Ribbon Committee made up of the People’s Campaign & PLP to be in charge of the investigation.

  2. Long Bay Trading Co. says:

    Be thankful for what you are getting – especially since the combined Opposition of PLP/BIU/PC refused to move when REPEATEDLY ASKED TO DO SO AND FOR BLOCKING THE MAJORITY OF BERMUDIANS DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS by stopping the duly elected MPs entering the HOA. PLP you are sickening. Have you no shame at all?

    • the truth will set you free says:

      Long Bay Trading Co. MP’s who believe in predatory capitalism where being prevented from doing the business of those who are defenders of this unjust, unequal predatory, racist system.

  3. Equality, Jobs, Justice says:

    The events leading up to it and the incitement by certain union leaders and opposition MPs need to be investigated also. Not to mention the the gun comment from a certain someone.

  4. Chaos Theory says:

    Mr Roban

    I expect that anything short of your pre-conceived and pre-ordained vilification of “someone”, other than the parties to organized this event/protest (i.e. PLP/PC/BIU/BPSU), would fail to meet your requirements.

    I take it that you, the PLP, have already come up with what the answer should be. Perhaps you can let us have the results of this conclusion.

  5. Terry says:

    Here we go again.
    It’s all about him and his fellow ‘shadows’.

  6. Onion says:

    Considering the PLP and allies’ role in creating the protests a full inquiry probably wouldn’t reflect well on them.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  7. Kevin says:

    We actually were hoping for a response from the PLP on their position on the people who obstructed access to the House. Just a thought if they actually only protested and didn’t create the situation by acting unlawful is it possible that the pepper spraying would never have happened.
    As for an independent UK Officer to look into the events and how they unfolded and if it could / should have been handled different i think that is a pretty good process

  8. Decent Citizen says:

    Will you just stop!
    Enough is enough!
    We want economic growth!
    No more political instability for the next few months!

    For peace sake!

    You’re hurting the little man…we need work!

  9. jt says:

    But of course it does.

  10. aceboy says:

    Can the leader of the opposition please come out of hiding? We haven’t heard a thing from him, only his drones.

    • Big says:

      Leader. Is that what you call a leader..Omg. my my my!!! My 13 year old daughter or 12 year son will run that So called party a hell lot better and as a matter of fact. They are waaaayyy more mature that that sorry crew. I’m serious. You guys actually think all of this nonsense is OBA/ Police fault. Your joking right. If my grandma was there blocking I say to her, soooooos you right. They were all asked kindly to excuse. Repeatedly. Pathetic. I’m an ashamed Bermudian. PLP better never ever lead this country. Banana Republic fools

    • Terry says:

      Rahn BIU havin a meetin on dah nax move.

  11. Silence Do Good says:

    I would like to see an investigation into the PLP involvement in the protest which stopped the HOA from carrying out the peoples business.

  12. Jahstice says:

    Rayban, spouts such nonsense.

  13. Moderate says:

    If we hold an investigation it should also include an inquiry into what the PLP knew and when they knew it about the orchestrated plan to thwart Bermuda’s system of Parliamentary democracy on Dec. 2nd 2016. It should also investigate the video evidence of elected PLP members refusing to comply with instructions from Police officers as well as preventing Police officers from discharging their duty to allow the lawful assembly of Bermuda’s elected representatives. The DPP should be filing charges against a number of these MPs and the Speaker of the House should be suspending them for their role in obstructing the function of the Legislature. How can you let MPs sit who prevented others from doing so?

  14. Torian says:

    Why does he keep acting like he represents the majority of Bermuda?

  15. Up D hill says:

    I want this and I want that! Grow up Roban!

  16. wahoo says:

    Big sigh….

  17. Rights for All says:

    No wonder Marc Bean resigned. Here is a good reason to get out and leave the clowns behind. Where is David Burt? Not sure what to do now the Rev has been exposed? Waiting for further instructions? Come out and tell Bermuda the PLP plan, and not the vision for 2025.

  18. wahoo says:

    D.B. needs to be compelled to say who made threats of real violence. Did he not swear an oath of some sort to uphold law and order?

  19. James Rego says:

    Yesterday I wrote: Regardless of findings and recommendations, the combined opposition will never be satisfied!

    Here it is 24 hrs later and already the opposition is criticizing the Governor and the Premier for getting this inquiry started. Because it isn’t been done their way, it will be disregarded! How can anyone have faith in this opposition to be able to form a viable government?

  20. Barnacle says:

    Do we have to wait for an enquiry for the PLP to admit that they sent out mass emails and made hundreds of phone calls in the week leading up to the blockade of parliament? Laughable that subsequently Burt has said he had no prior knowledge that people were going to block parliament!

  21. Y-Gurl says:

    The Police are to investigate and review police actions, the outcome of that investigation is a forgone conclusion.