Dunkley: MP ‘Should Be Removed From’ JSC

July 15, 2018

“With comments like this he cannot be considered to be a fair and impartial member of the Joint Select Committee,” Shadow Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley said following comments made by PLP MP Neville Tyrrell, with Mr Dunkley adding that “MP Tyrrell should be removed from the committee.”

MP Neville Tyrrell’s Comments

In response to news about a consultant the OBA hired last year, PLP MP Neville Tyrrell said, “The One Bermuda Alliance spent millions of dollars on their failed attempt to retain the government after 4 years of anti-Bermudian policies and pepper spraying senior citizens.

“That some of this funding was spent on consultants should not be surprising to anyone. The lesson to be taken from this by the OBA is that millions of dollars and pricey consultants don’t connect you with the people nor does it conceal 4 years of anti-Bermudian policies and the pepper spraying of seniors.”

 Shadow Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley’s Comments

The former Premier explained that Mr Tyrrell is a member of the Joint Select Committee which is looking into the events of December 2nd, 2016 and said, “I spoke on the motion to adjourn regarding the totally inappropriate comments by MP Tyrrell which have been released to the media; specifically the comment about pepper spraying of seniors.

“I do not agree with the comments made by MP Tyrrell but that was not the crucial point of my comments.

“I rose on the motion to adjourn to voice my concern that the MP would make this comment due to the fact that the work of the Joint Select Committee [JSC] on Dec 2nd is ongoing, having been extended for a further six months.

“Furthermore I am very concerned that the MP, whom sits on the JSC, has to deliberate and then write with other committee members a report to the House; has expressed a very biased opinion.

“With comments like this he cannot be considered to be a fair and impartial member of the JSC. In addition the comment has the potential to influence others. MP Tyrrell should be removed from the committee.

“I too would like to speak to that matter however respecting the work of the House and all committees I have done my best to not speak to the matter. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with the committee once the clear and evident matter of bias is dealt with.

“During my comments the Acting Speaker agreed with my sentiment and at his suggestion I have written the Speaker an email to notify him of the concern. I look forward to a reply.”

Deputy Premier Walter Roban’s Comments

In response, Deputy Premier Walter Roban said, “The objective of MP Tyrrell’s statement was to highlight the fact that the untold number of dollars spent by the OBA could not erase their horrific record; a record which saw Michael Dunkley lose his second general election and the unprecedented fall of a government after only one term in office.

“As usual, Michael Dunkley has missed the point and has chosen to grandstand in the hopes of distracting from the OBA’s abysmal performance as government under his leadership, and the wreck of the OBA that he left in his wake.

“The former Premier’s behavior in Parliament, repeatedly defying the Deputy Speaker, shows that he will go to any length to deflect responsibility and/or to delay the truth being uncovered about his role in the events of December 2.”

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  1. DunkleyExitStageLeft says:

    Dunkley needs to just retire; nobody is “impartial” when there’s a parliament comprised of 2 political parties; dunkley just likes to hear his own voice

    • Dunk 'Should Be Removed' says:

      Yo Dunk, please retire. The people are tired of watching you flail. Give someone else an opportunity to make money as an MP where is Smith? You remember him? He beat the then Premier. Join Gibbons and the lil guy from the United Nation whose sisters FB page was hacked.
      Go play golf, head a Board, help sick children, read to kids, plant a cedar tree, roof wet some building but get out of politics man. You are boring people with all this nonsense. Stop taking money from my taxes to pay your MP’s salary man.

  2. Meehhh says:

    Goodbye Dunkley

  3. WakandaForever says:

    “Dunkdunk”. “Who’s there?” “Me” “MeWho” this man is trying so hard to be relevant–just stop mate (I know you’re reading the comments section) lolol

  4. nomorepolitricks says:

    Dunkley needs his marching orders; his milk expired a long time ago

  5. Kevin says:

    Oh my god they spin in all directions ,,,,,,,,,,,,Robain has missed the point not that i’m surprised he hasnt figured it out what he is supposed to be doing …those folks selected need to be able to have a non biased opinion …you folks understanding what that means ….hopefully so ,,,,Tyrrell must be replaced IMMEDIATELY….what an idiot

    Remember I didn’t vote for them you did

    • Kevin's Mom says:

      Kevin the loyal dreamer

    • Kevin's Wife says:

      Yes Kevin, we know you didn’t vote for them and if I knew how racist you were before we married I would never have. And stop telling me and your friends I am different from ‘those other lot!’ You know my family is PLP all the way and you were Labour when you arrived here.

      • Family Man says:

        Ewwww Kevin’s wife is also Kevin’s Mom?

        Kevin must be a real church goer.

    • Dunk'in Do Nuts says:

      Kev mate, are you serious? Oh yeah you are (frown). Seriously deranged!

  6. lolol says:

    Dunkley reminds me of a guy who drove his car overboard and was underwater trying to rev the pedal to the medal lolol get out mate, the car has hit the ocean bottom and you’re desperately gasping for air (attention)

  7. Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

    Interesting! Where was former Premier Dunkley when the Chairman of HIS Commission of Inquiry, prior to the first witness being called, referred to the Port Royal transactions as “straightforward fraud”?
    There was no call for him to resign.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Because it was true

      Look, spin all you want, but the OBA achieved more in 4 years in undoing the damage of 14 years of darkness. And that bites doesn’t it.

      • Antlee says:

        That is a bite. But the bigger bite (or blight) is that the PLP in those 4 years as the Opposition did absolutely nothing worthy of being voted back into power by supposedly common-sensed individuals. And yet here we are….with a govt who continues to lambast the AC because they claimed only the wealthy benefited while lauding and applauding FinTech (which is junk or a jewel depending on who you ask), knowing full well it will mainly serve rich expats. Laughable!

        • Auntie Mae says:

          Obviously the people had Zero confidence in Dunkley and his motley crew, henceforth the are the Opposition. Your theory like the OBA is a bust.

          • Attitude Of Gratitude says:

            They are the opposition based on racial politics and racial politics alone. Its simple math! They had the numbers this time. Any other logical election in the world would have seen the PLP struggling to re-build and re brand there party for at least a decade. Not Bermuda though! Were a special kind of stupid! Selective memories

            • Attitude of Sense says:

              Do you really think your statement makes sense? Did you come up with this as a ‘flash thought?’

              Who else could/would have Voted numbnuts! Gosh you people have such outlandish thought processes. Scratching My Head in disbelief.

              • Attitude of Sense's gay lover says:

                I keep telling you to get some anti-fungal shampoo for that itchy head of yours.
                And please get off of the computer with your inane comments . You’re embarrassing me , big time .

                • Attitude of Sense says:

                  Ahh look at you…got your little feelings messed up and now wants to pull us both out the closet.

                  Psst if you don’t want to see my comments…don’t come on here. Typical OBAer thinking they own people. Like the PLP you are stuck with me MWAH

                • Se'inz Bee Leevin says:

                  Cha yuh right Sense OBAers are real fahllawers.Yuh boyz copy did PLP boi.
                  Deh realy dohn’t have arhigenial thoughts inna boi? Lol he got sucked right into yuh hen. Evin coming out de closet to do it. Cha boi.

      • hmmm says:

        Actually the people bit HARD when we kicked you out. Now the best and brightest people in your party are jumping off the sinking oba/UBP titanic.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          My party?

        • Anbu says:

          And again i ask, how much better has your life gotten under “your” party. And brown you need to take that “honourable” title off of your name cause you screwed your own the hardest, but…….for some reason they love u for it. I must admit tho, u are slick.

          • An Who says:

            Anbu darling, I work pay my mortgage, live within my means, don’t try to keep up with anyone else, my children go to public school, I am saving for their further education, we own one car and a moped, I don’t waste money at restaurants or bars and volunteer at 5 five different associations. What about you love??

            PLP (doing a fist pump)

            • An Who's gay lover says:

              If you’re doing all the things you say you are you either vote UBP or you need to have a very serious talk with ‘your people’

              • Family Man says:

                Vote UBP? Is that like voting for Furbert? or Kim Swan?

                The sitting PLP has more UBP leaders than they do PLP leaders.

        • Poor OBA says:


      • Stay Woke says:

        Dreamer. UBP/OBA did nothing but attempt to decieve the people and that is why so many of their team jumped ship

      • Over Confidence says:

        Spin all you want sand g…..the people of this country had less confidence in you, Dunkley and the OBA. Oh I forgot you are stuck on then and haven’t woken up to now.

      • Tired of your Rhetoric says:

        Such as what dreamer. You are constantly claiming how great the OBA performed in 4 years yet the people sent them packing. Waking up mate, get on the bus and live.

      • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F Brown says:

        Sandgrownan: I believe you know better. You must DO better. Are you saying that if a Chair of Commission assigned to determine the facts, makes that kind of comment , it is ok because it is true?
        It is called PREJUDICE, the source of Bermuda’s toxicity. That sir, is not “spin”. It is the truth.

      • Sandz Not Growin' says:

        Your boyz (OBA) been spinning all week and so have you mate, you MUST be EXHAUSTED boi. Whew!
        I am tired of trying to keep up with their claims. Going out to diner with friends who like me have a life. Toodles

    • Double S says:

      Truth hurts, huh?

      If the OBA granted a no-bid contract to a sitting Government MP who also just happened to be on the Port Royal Board, you and yours wouldn’t need a damning AG report or a commission to call it what it is.

      What you did to this island and your constant defense of it makes me think you really hate this place

      • Over Confidence says:

        Meanwhile July 16th 2018 has arrived and you OBAers are still stuck. Smdh

        • Double S says:

          Of course you would defend such cronyism. And you can use a different name for a thousand posts in a day if you want. They will still indicate your low level of intelligence and inability to address the message under each one you use.

          • Double S's Mistress says:

            Check yuh boi tryna use big words to show how smart his is. Only cronyism around hereis your warped mind mate.

            And don’t furget dis Friday is your night wif me an yuh churldren okay. Beta have dat charl support too.

          • Double S's Mistress says:

            D why yuh actin’ like dis? I told you already umma marry you so you can get yuh papers but stop writing all dis stuff about my party baby. I know you did it cus when I vent on de lap top it was on dis story.
            I know yuh angry you aink Bermoodien but be patient baby. Wha got de churldren so stop vorrying about not get tin’ yuh permit renued okay babez. Remember D jr and Meme ponks.

            I know yuh vexed but dis is not making me wanna marry you pudha

      • Sandz Not Growin' says:

        LEAVE DOUBLE!! You keep complain! Your like a bad boxing opponent. You keep getting up before
        the eight count only to be knocked down again. Yo bosz you are better off finding another hobbie. Trolling is not working out for you. Hahahahahaha

    • Edmund Wells says:

      Dr. the Honourable Brown-

      Since the PLP was the opposition at the time, where were you, or any senior leader of the PLP? Wouldn’t that be the correct parallel to Mr. Dunkley’s assertion today?

      And if there was no call from the PLP for the Chairman of the CoI to resign, what does that say about whether the senior leadership of the PLP believed the Chairman’s statement to be incorrect?


      • Blahblahblah says:

        Be quiet Eddie you have verbal diarhhea and the smell is offensive

        • Double S says:

          Another brilliant PLP response.

          • Triple Standard says:

            Another bland OBA response. Unoriginal uneventful and boring

      • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F Brown says:

        Edmund Wells: What the PLP leadership at the time thought is IRRELEVANT!
        For a Chairman of a body assigned the task of finding the truth, makes such a comment BEFORE the first witness is called, is PREJUDICE, pure and simple.
        By the way, many PLP leaders raised this issue at the time. You missed it!

        • Pee l pee says:

          oh dear, ewart…you need to get off….you sound like trump.

  8. Silly says:

    The PLP has to capitalize on its large majority. It does not have to paint the OBA in any light. The issues are there and they need to get on with them. That is why the people voted them in. Get on with it. Leave the OBA dead. To keep moaning and monaing bout the OBA tells me they have NO solutions. Get on with it and leave the OBA alone. It is a waste of time and OLD politics being used by a “progressive” party. We still have 3,000 possible people unemployed.

  9. Answer says:

    So there will be no attempt at impartiality are the JSC. It will be a show-trial by the PLP with a predetermined outcome.

    Manned by people like Tyrrell, who apparently can’t make a public statement without introducing fake news and fake “facts”.

    • Onion says:

      Exactly. The facts are
      - The PLP misinformed the public to create opposition to the Airport
      - The PLP called a protest
      - The OBA did nothing but run and hide
      - The PLP won an election blaming the OBA for what one idiot cop did
      - The PLP’s own report agreed with the OBA that the airport was a good deal (after the election).

    • Question says:

      Do you have any other records???

      Get over it mate. Play another record as your neighbours are tired of hearing the same old song.

      • Question says:

        You’re tired of it, but he has a point you can’t answer.

        Tyrrell is not impartial, there is not even a pretense at being impartial. Tyrrell trots out slogans based on the lie that the OBA pepper-sprayed senior citizens (which it did not).

        If it were not for lies and hate you lot would have nothing at all to say.

        • # Question says:

          So, was Moniz as Attorney General??? You OBAers are pathetic, twisted types

          • Answer says:

            Enjoy your sham show trial with a predetermined outcome.

            That’s what passes for “justice” under the PLP.

            You effin idiots are so stupid.

            • Question says:

              Enjoy your dream as other rejoice in the reality that the OBA got a..whopping. Get over it mate LOL

            • Question says:

              Ouch Answer cursed and called us a name! Hahahaha

              PLP is the Ruling Party taste it, smell it, feel it believe it then you can live love. Or back your bags and LEAVE

              Presently you survive off of hate and hate and more hate.

    • Question says:

      Blah blah stopping hating Dude…..too much energy in that. Acceptance is the key to Growth.

  10. puzzled says:

    Just another day and we will really see what they are Putin to the people.

    • Clarity says:

      How about stating fact….this is why you stay “puzzeled”

    • No S;*# says:

      Thanks for clarifying your state of mind. A cupola good tokes will help you mellow out and rethink

  11. Mr. Dunkley, Please do the O.B.A, and all the rest of Bermuda a favor, and retire from politics, your day has long been over and your times and seasons well spent, and as long as the O.B.A has the like’s of you in it, there is no come back for them, and this is coming from an everyday citizen and not a person who you wasted thousands of dollars on, and accomplish nothing more then what we have been saying all along.

    Your administration was a complete failure and you failed to deliver on so many fronts and now you want to nit pick at everything, your wasting your time, and you need to retire from politics, because your very own is just as tired of the rhetoric, step aside and let fresh younger Bermudians show you what is needed.

    You know your time is well spent, so follow the instructions of one of your better leaders, Mr. Cannonier, and leave, because you are greatly hurting your party. I say this honestly and hope you do us all this great favor.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Complete failure?

      Undoing 14 years of incompetence and ‘problems’ would be a more accurate description.

      • Anbu says:

        Some are too stuck on demographics to understand that

        • An Who says:

          Some are stuck on hate and envy but won’t leave

      • sandgrowan's Conscious says:

        Undoing your distorted mind is going into 50+ years and I am exhausted

      • Sandz Not Growin' says:

        Undoing 25 years of stupidity based on your incompetence and low intelligence with a few pills a day hasn’t helped you much sand

    • Cranberry says:

      While I agree that retirements for Dunkley is well overdue – as it is for Atherden, Moniz and a few others in the OBA – the very same can be said for several PLP MPs too. – Burch, Furbert, Swan, Burgess, Commissiong, Tyrell to name a few… Time has come to stop embarrassing yourselves and your Island and let some younger Bermudians start embarrassing themselves.

      Let start recycling!!

  12. Almond Milk Drinker says:

    Dunkley, give it a bloody rest will you.

  13. steve says:

    PLP are low brow trash talkers. That just aint going to get it done for the country

    • Smdh says:

      Crazy steve is back folks. Lets give him a little recognition for his efforts. Nah! Lol

      • steve says:

        Thanks for welcome return!

        • steve's brother says:

          Oh little steve has always needed to have the last word. Ahhhh!

          Bro I told you already only a man can take a punch on his chin, a boy knows not how to avoid the punch and call it quits.

          Bam! OBA and lil’ steve TKO

    • steve's mum says:

      On behalf of my mentally disturbed son I apologies for his nonsensical comments, “Steve, get off that internet!”

  14. Unbelievable says:

    Uh…Roban is delusional. The OBA left the state of Govt tonnes better than when the PLP left. He needs to stop rewriting history. It’s a pretty through and through PLP thing to do.

    • Believable says:

      What is truly Unbelievable are ‘some’ men who hate the fact that ‘other’ men can do much better than them.
      If you are going to critisie (like I kee telling you OBAers) be factual! Lol

  15. Retro says:

    Groan. When will there be a JSC on gross misuse of hyperbole! It might improve things up on the hill.

  16. Wahoo says:

    If Mr. Tyrrell does not understand how stupid his comment was then he should resign from politics entirely.

    • Snapper says:

      If Wahoo doesn’t realize how stupid and ridiculous his comments are then he should be banned from the internet and retired back to the ocean.

    • Shark says:

      Wahoo is so stupid he doesn’t even know what year it is. Get over your loss mate

    • Grouper says:

      Wahoo, is it that you have a learning disability and can only repeat what your leaders speak? Listen mate here is a tip; go away and take complaining Dunkley with you.

  17. Joe Bloggs says:

    Tell a lie enough times and others will begin to believe it is truth.

    • Joe's Daughter says:

      Daddy, get away from the window, put your clothes on and get off that computer. I told you the nurse is on her way

    • Blogger says:

      That’s right Joe, keep believing that lie and you are deemed crazy. Lol

  18. Going downtown says:

    Aww the Milkman does not want someone who cares about senors and the injustice done to them to be on the JSC! Well too bad! You OBA people know you had a hand in striking our seniors down so deal with it! The truth will come out even!

  19. Ringmaster says:

    Th statement by Neville Tyrrel and the response from Walter Robain clearly shows the PLP are still in election mode, and deflecting from reality. Stand by for the news that Government spending is up and tax receipts down along with jobs for Bermudians, but more work permits. More taxes and debt are on the way.

    • RingGirl W/Hott Body says:

      The statement from……stay tuned for….Blah! Blah! Blah! Yawn
      Stay tuned for the PLP wiping the slate clean of past mistakes and generating jobs for Bermudians, qualified Bermudians and less work permits for nasty, prejudice wankers like yourself. Do us a favour and go back to that bleak concrete jungle you call United Ki…..

    • RingGirl W/Sexy Body says:

      Reality is no one cares for the Ring M but they will remember me and the PLP walking around the ring way after that OBA knockout

  20. redrose says:

    If Tyrell has spoken about the issues the JSC is investigating he cannot be allowed to continue – his bias is clear therefore the results of the report simply cannot be trusted.
    The PLP is still also clearly in election mode saying the OBA spent ‘untold millions’ without any proof …

    • Bermudian Automatic Work Permit says:

      Yawn. Like that’s going to happen. Why don’t you do some work you were given a visa for and get off your phone

  21. Double S says:

    One thing about PLPers (on this site at least), they tend to have difficulty addressing the message and simply resort to attacking the message. A clear sign of being unable to articulate any form of intelligent rebuttals to an argument. No wonder the PLP constantly uses hyperbolic rhetoric as a means to deflect from the factual message. And the sad thing is that some of their supporters fall for it each and every time.

    • Double S says:

      *attacking the messenger.

      • Triple S says:

        Double S you are hell bent on singing your same song even though you have been told you are off Lol

    • Anbu says:

      Imfortunately it works on their voting base. They know it, we know it, carry on.

      • An Who says:

        Actually the word is Unfortunately, like you and your troll buddies. Unfortunately they were given Bermuda status under UBP

    • Amazed@DS says:

      Like Trump you are a mystery no one tries to understand, we are only amused at how ignorant you get over time

    • Double S's Expat Wife says:

      One thing about Double S he secretly envious how prosperous this country is and wishes he didn’t need a permit. He is angry that none of the local gals find him interesting so he uses this platform to vent his frustrations

    • Doubblez Other Gurl says:

      One ding ’bout DS is you like Dunks don’t get tired of stirring de pot

      • Double S says:

        You just proved my point 20 times in just this one thread.

        Come back at me when you can articulate an intelligent rebuttal and/or actually address the facts.

        Based on those requirements you should have no reason to respond to me again you little sheep.

        • Double S Obession says:

          DS you have been spun into his web mate.

          Why don’t you just put the phone down and talk to your family. Looks like you are obessed with trying to prove your hate-filled comments mate.

          Honestly your action are becoming a bit psychotic and stalkerish love.

          Bet your wife wants you to get off your device and ignore those PLPers comments too.

        • Triple S says:

          You Judy proved…..blah blah blah. Dude the only thing proven is what you hate you aim to destroy, but I got wings mate. Soaring over DS and his attempt to tear us PLPers down. Oops! Watch your shirt DS….I dropped something Lol

        • Triple S says:

          Ewww!!! Listen to DS all angry and responded to a screen. Water off my back mate. Like others like you who attempt to lure smarties like me into you madness, I do not have to prove anything I posses within.

          Therefore I am convinced you are neither Intelligent, Articulate, Intellectual nor have Authority to dictate what I can or will do next!

          You see DS you are just plain/average garden lettuce. Nothing special.
          Baa!!!! baa!!!!

  22. aceboy says:

    Oh yea, the OBA pepper sprayed seniors for four years! That is exactly what happened.

    • Real Aceboi says:

      Stop using Bermudian terminology with your fake self

      • Rockfish#1and#2 says:

        So many aliases…wow!

        • Rockfish#3 says:

          So many trolls worried about who is posting Hahaha!!!!!

    • Real Aceboi says:

      Yo boss. What you want? Get over it! You lot are very very bad losers

  23. Anbu says:


  24. Infidelguy says:

    I totally agree with MP Dunkley. Sounds to me like Tyrrell has already come to a conclusion about the events of Dec. 2 2016. He should have kept his big mouth closed. He deserves to be removed from the JSC but I’m not holding my breath.

    • Moni says:

      Good for you. I agreeing with Dunkley too: his political days are over, he was never a leader, he needs to retire and stop using tax payers money to be a paid politician. Retire Dunkley PLEASE

    • Peacemak'kah says:

      I totally agree with Dunks too love. He needs to retire while he can save face. Um still face under de UBP de put dat milk in de schools but I did like dhose Dixie cups at birfday parties. I didn’t like de part of de field trip to Dunkley’s Dairy when ve had to go in dhose refrig’ratas dhoe. It vas sooooooo coal in der.
      Surisly bye Dunkley yuh getta get ah new passion c
      ‘cusz you aink’ do’vin cell in pah’latix no more man

    • Peaceful Gal says:

      Yo boss, He (Tyrell) ain’t going no where now get over it and move on Twinkles! Oh grab Dunks on yuh way!!!!

  25. Ringmaster says:

    So 93 posts of whch about 75 from the childish PLP troll. Clearly shows Michael Dunkley hit a PLP nerve and is correct to call out Tyrell. So much time spent dreaming up different names using the same computer to post stupid comments. What a loser.

    • RingGirl W/Red Thongs says:

      Just like the PLP I am in my HEAVEN and don’t concerns myself with the total number of comments and who is writing them. Not got time to, when I am out doing the people’s work and finding solutions to our social ills.

      But hey Ring M whatever floats your boat…..Keep on counting, tabulating and comment mate. At least we know where your head is reall at. MWAH

      Pssst!!! Do you like my thong???