Copy Of Bus Schedule, Which Starts Monday

March 14, 2019

The Department of Public Transportation has released the 2019 Bus Schedule, which is now scheduled to take effective on Monday, March 18.

In December 2018, the Government announced that the new winter bus schedule would start on January 7th, 2019, with the new schedule designed to “temporarily reduce the number of buses required on a daily basis to a level that is sustainable, and in doing so deliver a reliable public bus service.”

The start of the new schedule was delayed as the DPT and BIU were working to “address outstanding concerns surrounding bus rosters that include multiple days of night work,” however earlier this week it was announced the new schedule would commence on March 18th.

“The introduction of the new fifty-bus schedule will greatly assist with eliminating the daily cancellations that has plagued the bus service in recent years. As additional buses comes online, through new purchases and out of service repairs, we will expand the service on those routes with the greatest demand,” officials said.

The full 2019 Bus Schedule follows below [PDF here]:

Bus Schedule Bermuda March 2019

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Well done! Probably should take some time off after such a long hard slog eh?

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    I think there is a misprint in the press release. Shouldn’t it read

    “The Bermuda Industrial Union has released the 2019 Bus Schedule, which is now scheduled to take effective on Monday, March 18″?

  3. I personally feel as though public transportation is a rather big let down.
    I could not count onnit to be my transportation to anywhere…let alone anywhere important.
    Incompetent…is predominantly used throughout the island when describing the service…nay…the lack ovit.
    Baby talk …still talkin baby talk…cute little baby talk baby Huey haircut….the persona is fetish I believe and exhibition says it might be gratification oriented….has anyone knowledge of extra large diapers being imported and sold in Bda…or large crib?
    It does require role play and copious preparation to fullfill I would imagine ,thereby making this mp ill suited to any task requiring schedules.
    I do not judge his gratification methodology nor his hairstyle (baby Huey), only lack of actual buses or timely service.
    I personally demand my tax dollars back for public transportation

  4. Bleed Blue n Gold says:

    St. David’s historically has been getting the short end of the Transportation stick for as long as I’ve been alive – over 40+ years.
    With bus schedules ending before 9 pm during the week and earlier on Sunday’s and holidays; it begs to question what thought actually goes into social planning of transportation.
    St. David’s population has grown since the 90s; particularly with a demographic of persons who live in either Assisted Living or Bermuda Housing Dorms. Most of those persons do not have transportation and need to get to and from jobs. Many of those jobs (I’m sure) are shift work. Which can be discouraging if they have families to support.
    Minibus services are non-existent as a support service because of the lucrative business of chasing after cruise ship passengers.
    A suggestion had been made that if the #11 run coming St. George’s after 9 pm from Hamilton could do a run into St. David’s before heading St. George’s that may help many individuals coming and going.

  5. gustav says:

    so ?
    what is new ???????