Extension For Committee Inquiry Into Dec 2, 2016

March 2, 2019

The Joint Select Committee on the Events of the December 2nd, 2016 protests has been given a three month extension the Speaker of the House announced in Friday’s session of the House of Assembly.

The Motion to establish the Committee passed in December 2017, and the Motion as stated on the Parliamentary Order of Business said, “Whereas at the gates of this House of Assembly a show of democracy descended into open conflict between concerned citizens of Bermuda, and those charged with protecting the very rights they sought to exercise, on December 2nd 2016;

“And whereas the Government having declared its intention to establish a Parliamentary Committee to look in to the events generally, including the decision-making and any directives of the Executive and the then Speaker of the House given to the Police, that led up to and precipitated the events on that day, including the deployment of the police in riot gear and the use by the Police of incapacitant pepper spray on the crowd of citizens assembled;

“Be it resolved that this Motion for the appointment of a Joint Select Committee to carry out the said Inquiry into the said events of December 2nd, 2016 be approved and Thereafter, pursuant to Part IV of the Parliament Act 1957, that a Parliamentary Joint Select Committee be appointed [1] to inquire into the events as aforesaid as thoroughly as may be; [2] to bring closure to this event by the making of all proper and necessary findings, recommendations and where required sanctions; [3] and to submit its report to the House of Assembly within three to six months.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Is the guy who was in charge being held to account over this fiasco ?

    • Dockyard Lackey says:

      No. I think Chris Furbert is not responsible, nor Unreverend Tweed.

    • Spashulist says:

      What is the fiasco? If you break the law there’s a chance non-lethal force will be used against you. It’s happened to a bunch of idiots before Dec 2nd…should they get payouts too?

      Pepper spray lol I would have brought my own fish sandwich and tartar sauce. I’ve been tear gased 4 times in 1 day and still didn’t cry as much as that bunch of lawbreakers.

      The only fiasco was the abysmal attempt at failed crowd control. There was a real chance to set a standard. The standard is now set and it’s more pathetic than police crowd control drills.

      Next march on parliament I’m taking my umbrella and slapping (on YouTube for all to see) some baconators until I get a little Tabasco in the eye, then I’ll be looking for my payout.

  2. wahoo says:

    I thought that a pay out had been made and regardless of whether it was justifiable or not the whole thing was a rap. Another three months is ridiculous who is on this committee?

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    Why is any more time being wasted on this ? The protesters have since been convinced that the OBA ordered the pepper spraying despite the facts showing they had nothing to do with it and a small group of diehards were compensated with cash for their illegal behavior .
    Since then we have slid so far over the edge there’s no looking back .

  4. Ringmaster says:

    Can we get a motion to “Resolve the PLP get on with the job they were elected to do” and stop all this stupid electioneering crap?

  5. Trufth says:

    So this rent-a-crowd are being paid AGAIN by the plp for being pepper sprayed while breaking the law? Yup, sounds about right.
    24-12 enjoy what you voted for.
    Enjoy those extra taxes you asked for too.

  6. Sister Nancy says:

    Here we go again!!! They will continue to talk about this for the next fifty years. Continue on lying about how bad the OBA was and they peppered spray the people and the poor senior citizens. What don’t you talk about what you people did to get peppered sprayed. EB, Tweed and company used the senior citizens as a target. So whoever are the nasty ones look at yourselves and that is your answer. Why don’t you keep talking about the Party that caused this island to be 2 billion dollars in debt. You all only see what you want to see. Grow up people and worry about the state of this island.

  7. Bermuda must have a commission of inquiry, aimed at the former Commissioner of Police, Jeff Baron and the governor.
    Let all become aware of the ugly truth!!

  8. JohnBoy says:

    Is this still a thing??

  9. Kevin says:

    Maybe finally they will prove that the crowd or particular members of the crowd disregarded what the police told them to do …..anywhere else one would be arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer in the course of their duties…..maybe finally they will be put in court found guilty and fined the same amount they were handed out by this atrocious government

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    So, here we are, going into the third year after the event, & the PLP is still not finished talking about it.

    It is very clear who advocated the event & who encouraged the gullible people on over what was proved to be multiple times a non issue.

    The print & the video is all there for all to see who did what. No amount of talk & spin will change the facts.

  11. Shostrel says:

    “a show of democracy” my foot. A mob blocking parliament more like.

  12. Imjustsaying says:

    It was all done wrong by the Police. I have never seen Police in riot gear approach a crowd from behind. That resulted in the crowd feeling trapped between the Police and the gate with nowhere to go. Instinct kicks in when you’re feeling trapped. And on top of that, Police using Pepper Spray! The Police, forced the issue. They needed to assemble inside or in front of the gate to stop any entry by protester. Who ever ordered that action should be reprimanded. Makes one wonder, who are they protecting?

    • JohnBoy says:

      Say what?

    • Chris says:

      What? The rentacrowd were BLOCKING democracy. In any other country they would have all been arrested.

    • Chris Nelson says:

      Must be good stuff you’re apparently smoking

    • gustav says:

      in all other nations of this world , the police would give just one ( max 2 ) warnings and would act much more drastically.
      the demonstrators were acting against the law and have to feel the consequences.
      usually a water gun would be in use.

  13. Question says:

    When anyone wants to talk about how the PLP sold us into financial slavery, in 1998-2012, the PLP calls that ‘reminiscing about ancient history’. But that did far more damage than the police using a minor amount of force to stop a violent riot.

  14. aceboy says:

    The PLP promised to operate in the sunshine of public scrutiny then promptly broke that promise on virtually everything, including this nonsense.