Jones Named Chief Experience Officer At BTA

March 29, 2019

Glenn Jones Bermuda March 2019Glenn Jones has been promoted to the role of Chief Experience Development Officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA], effective Monday, April 29th, the BTA announced.

Mr Jones joined BTA in January 2015 as the Director of Public & Stakeholder Relations, later becoming the Director of Strategy & Corporate Communications in May 2018.

In his new position, he will work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and other stakeholders to develop experiences aligned with Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan [NTP], with the assistance of the newly renamed Experience Development Team [previously titled: Product and Experiences Division].

Mr Jones will continue to report directly to Kevin Dallas, Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Chief Executive Officer.

“The appointment of Mr. Jones marks the first time the BTA has promoted an internal candidate to a C-Suite position. It was very clear to me and our board that Glenn was the right candidate to build on our existing destination management efforts and take us to the next level, guided by his knowledge of the NTP,” said Dallas.

“His passion for the island is boundless and underpins his commitment to ensure that Bermuda will offer diverse and memorable experiences, inspiring people to visit year-round. A thoughtful transition is underway and our stakeholders should be confident the forward momentum in visitor experience over the past five years will continue seamlessly.”

“I have worked closely with the Product and Experience Team over the past four years and it’s a privilege to now have the opportunity to lead such a talented group of Bermudians,” said Mr Jones.

“I’m a passionate advocate for the youthful entrepreneurship that is flowing back into tourism and I will look to that sector for building industry growth going forward. The overriding goal will be winning the hearts and minds of our visitors through strategies that put the customer first and position Bermudians at the forefront of economic opportunity.”

Prior to joining the BTA, Mr Jones was the General Manager at Mediahouse, the then parent company of the Bermuda Sun, Island Press and He began his career as a journalist where he became an EMMY Award-winning broadcast reporter.

He returned to Bermuda in 2007 to work as the Press Secretary for the Premier of Bermuda, where his responsibilities included speechwriting, political communication strategies and media relations. He is a graduate of the Berkeley Institute and Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mr Jones’ appointment follows the departure of Pat Phillip-Fairn, who served in the position for the past five years, starting shortly after the formation of the Bermuda Tourism Authority in 2014.

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  1. Thank you says:

    He is the hardest worker they have.

    Trust me!!

  2. Owen says:

    Congratulations Mr. Jones! Bermuda is lucky to have you!!!

  3. Stinky D. says:

    Great Choice

  4. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Chief Experience Development Officer

    an amazing title meaning what exactly?

    • Kevin Dallas says:

      “In his new position, he will work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and other stakeholders to develop experiences aligned with Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan”

  5. Work Ethic says:

    He definitely has work ethic, all the 30 somethings that Dr. Brown identified 10+ years ago are now in leadership roles.

  6. Linda Smith says:

    Great choice! Congratulations Glenn!

  7. Truth (Original) says:

    Sincere congratulations to you Glen and to all of the staff at the BTA. You all do an amazing job and Bermuda is better for it.

    I know in the past you’ve spoken about the difficulty entrepreneurs have in cutting through the red tape of Government to bring new ideas to market.

    The struggle is real and it creates a significant imbalance in Bermuda as to who owns and continues to dominate the tourist experience market in Bermuda.

    As an entrepreneur myself, I can say first hand that the process is broken. The requirements, hurdles, time, frustration, disorganization and expense involved in trying to get all of the necessary approvals make it such that small aspiring businesses just quit before the idea gets off the ground.

    Or worse, by the time your business plan is in circulation with all of the various Government boards, one of your would be competitors, some of whom sit on these very boards that you need approval from, just take your idea and do it before you because they already have an operational business and it much easier to simply add your idea to their offerings.

    There lots of Bermudians who have great idea that go nowhere and our overall tourism product suffers.

    My suggestion is the create a one stop shop, streamlined process for entrepreneurs to bring their idea and March it from idea to business. I don’t think that it is possible to do this inside the existing Government framework. It is too cumbersome and in truth, we are the Island of No. The system of Government is not invested in the success of the tourism product. The vision of the Premier and the BTA dies at many of these Government boards and departments.

    If we are going to move our tourism product forward, we need someone with boldness, vision and clout to make our leadership understand that the system we currently have is not only broken but in many ways, it ensures that those business that have owned and dominated the Bermuda tourism market for many years, will continue to do so.

    And that isn’t right.

    All the best to you in your new role and thanks for all that the BTA do for Bermuda.

    • ConcernedBermudian says:

      Congrats Glen, you are a great fit for this role. I totally agree with about redtape. Bermuda is beyond difficult to start a business. Everyone encourages you and suggests you should to this person and that person and you present to boards etc and nothing. Months later they either steal your idea or it gets left on deaf ears. Bermuda will move nowhere with this mentality. BTA/GOV maybe you can shed some light into how we can streamline processes for new businesses? Redtape is what prevents Bermuda from moving forward.

    • Reality Dossier says:

      Yes. Congratulations to Glen and a very eloquently written piece of dark poetry you wrote there sir, so why the anonymity?

      Also, I disagree from your second paragraph down.
      Red tape is there to vet out hustlers from destroying public and environmental safety, along with the community peace of mind. If you had issues with red tape, that means our authority bodies have found issues with your plan. Sorry dog.

      Regarding our tourism industry; during our hosting of the America’s Cup – the most watched sport on TV, we experienced the biggest surge of tourists since the 80′s. Otherwise this island has priced itself out of the market and getting worse every year while more beautiful paradise competitors give far more value regarding better quality excursion offerings unfortunately.

      Regarding folks having ideas; well, unless someone comes up with an idea to lower the cost of living here, hence lowering the cost of goods and services for visitors, or at the very least secure a deal regarding another huge live streaming international event to be hosted locally to attract another surge, then their ideas aren’t really worthy. Possibly why Burt and co. are focusing on developing another industry.

      Lastly, I don’t think most people understand entrepreneurship. Genuine entrepreneurs are highly; educated, motivated and experienced actual geniuses who are achievers regardless of lack of handouts, market conditions and competition.

      Most others will do better for themselves by just working in typical safe 9-5 jobs.

  8. Douglas says:

    An up and coming “Team” member to look at may be Matthew Howe. Seems to have a strong understanding of the market & Bermuda strengths.