BTA Announces Promotions & Appointments

August 29, 2019

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] announced a slate of promotions and appointments at both its Hamilton and New York offices, effective September 1.

“We’re pleased to recognise the hard work and dedication of team members as the BTA continues its evolution as a world-class destination marketing organisation,” said CEO Kevin Dallas.

“Their efforts provide critical support and help progress the goals of the National Tourism Plan. Along with the rest of our team, they also underscore the high level of talent we’re lucky to have on board as we mark five years of enhancing Bermuda’s tourism product, supporting stakeholders and growing the industry.”

Erin Smith, Ishmael Kolthoff, Tashae Thompson, Alastair Jack, Kristin McSweeney, Leonard Williams, Shannen Talbot, Clintel Jones

BTA promotions Bermuda August 2019

Chief Information Officer, Erin Smith

Ms Smith has been promoted to Chief Information Officer [CIO], having first joined the BTA as director, research & business intelligence at its inception in 2014. In addition to the oversight of BTA’s CRM, research, analysis and reporting, her expanded role includes responsibility for the BTA’s IT infrastructure both in Bermuda and New York, systems deployment and training, and PIPA compliance. She reports to the CEO.

Director, Sales & Business Development, Ishmael Kolthoff

As BTA’s Director of Sales & Business Development, Mr Kolthoff will guide the sales team in prospecting for new group business opportunities, identifying and leveraging emerging industry trends, and working closely with industry partners. He will also lead participation in trade shows and sales missions, building relationships with meeting, incentive and event planners. Kolthoff is based in the BTA’s New York office and reports to the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer.

Assistant Director, Sports Marketing, Alastair Jack

Mr Jack has been promoted to Assistant Director, Sports Marketing and will assist and support the Director of Sports Business Development with group sales and marketing strategies and actions as necessary to meet and exceed goals. Having joined the BTA in 2014, in this new role he’ll promote group and individual travel regarding sports tourism and special events in Bermuda by developing proposals, group room blocks, family, fans and friends travel packages with hotels, transportation, attractions, events and festivals to sell to the sports market. The role reports to the Director of Sports Business Development.

Assistant Director, Experience Development, Tashae Thompson

Ms Thompson has been promoted to Assistant Director, Experience Development, having been with the BTA since its inception in 2014. In her newly expanded role, she is responsible for the proactive design and development of experiences and events aligned to the National Tourism Plan, and target visitor desires and needs. The role coordinates experience development and marketing efforts with the sales and marketing division and manages tourism events in Bermuda with a focus on preserving the authenticity and historical integrity of the island while ensuring ROI is measured via key performance indicators. Reporting to the Chief Experience Development Officer, Ms Thompson manages two direct reports.

Manager, CRM & Systems, Kristin McSweeney

Ms McSweeney has been promoted to Manager, CRM & Systems. She is responsible for the management and/or support of all systems used within the organisation, including CRM [Customer Relationship Management], email-marketing tools, survey tools, etc. This includes the oversight of multiple maintenance functions of BTA’s web-based CRM, with a primary goal of ensuring data integrity. Ms McSweeney joined the BTA in 2018. She reports to the Chief Information Officer.

Experiences Satisfaction Coordinator, Leonard Williams

Mr Williams joined the BTA as an intern in 2016. He recently completed the BTA’s year-long development programme after stints at NYC & Company [the DMO for New York City], BTA’s Sales & Marketing office in New York, and Bermuda Visitor Services Centres. In his role as Experiences Satisfaction Coordinator, he will be responsible for the efficient coordination of Bermuda’s experiences and events in alignment with the National Tourism Plan, specifically those geared to the needs and demands of target visitors. Consistent marketing of experiences, interaction with the island’s Visitor Services Centres and overall visitor satisfaction are central to this role. The role reports to the Assistant Director, Experience Development.

Assistant, Public Relations & Communications, Shannen Talbot

Ms Talbot joined the BTA as an intern in 2017. In her new role, she will provide administrative support to the PR & Content Development team and to the Director of Corporate Communications & Strategy, and assist in the execution of BTA’s efforts to raise awareness and inspire travel to Bermuda. The role reports to the Director of Public Relations & Content Development.

Assistant, Sports & Destination Services, Clintel Jones

Ms Jones joins the BTA after temporary assignments with the organisation in a variety of administrative roles throughout 2019. In her new role, she will provide administrative support to the Sports Development team and assist in the execution of efforts to sell and service groups and events in Bermuda. The role reports to Director of Sports Business Development.

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  1. Your#onefan says:

    Well done Tashae Thompson! I’m glad to see your great work has not gone unnoticed. Looking forward to reading about you next promotion. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Wow says:

    That’s a hell of a team. Let them fly so they can work WITH Bermudians to produce the type of experience that our tourists want. Best wishes to them all.

  3. Eve says:

    Only a CEO of a government/taxpayer subsidized organization would hand out promotions when tourism world-wide is having a positive increase in 2019 with Bermuda having a 5% decrease in prime time. They may be dedicated and hard working team members but staff ROI is in the negative column at this time. Surprised the Minister of Tourism & Transport would sign off on a public announcement of the promotions.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Agreed. Our tourism essentially rode the coat tails of a booming US economy which had record lows of unemployment. Depsite this positive environment, our tourist gains were modest relative to our competitors.
      The recent tourism stats show signs of softness, so best to get these promotions out now before things get worse.
      I don’t think the Minister has a say in promotions, this is essentially an independent body with its own board of directors. Taxpayers write the checks to them, but Ministers have little say.

  4. JohnnyB says:

    Jack for Premier 2023!!!!!

  5. Looking for a job says:

    So with all of these newly created positions (promotions) does that mean their old position are available to Bermudians or will the BTA continue to fill them in-house?

    Will they be advertised to the public?

  6. BigTingsAgwan! says:

    Congratulations Tashae! You worked hard, you fought through the tough times and you didn’t give up! You deserve this so enjoy the fruits of your labour. Keep up the good work and keep grinding! Looking forward to hearing more great things about your growing career! #AwesomeJob