Anthem Returns To Disembark Sick Passenger

April 24, 2019

On Tuesday [April 23] the Anthem of the Seas cruise ship returned to the island as a passenger needed hospital treatment.

Anthem of Seas cruise ship in Bermuda 02 May 2016 (13)

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “The Cruise Ship Anthem of the Seas which had just departed Bermuda, advised Bermuda Radio, that one US male passenger would require disembarkation for hospital treatment.

“The vessel requested to return and disembark the passenger via the Pilot/Rescue Boat St David, the transfer was conducted at 7:50pm.”The Anthem of the Seas waited offshore for the return of the ships doctor who had assisted and accompanied the medical transfer, the patient and a relative were safely landed to an awaiting ambulance at Ordnance Island and subsequently transferred to KEMH, the Anthem of the Seas continued on passage for Boston a short while later.”

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