CedarBridge Students Visit Spittal Pond

April 2, 2019

[Written by CedarBridge S3 Students Nhoaa Powell and Zy-Asia Forbes]

On March 25th, CedarBridge Academy’s IGCSE Biology teacher, Ms. Jaget Gordon and her colleague, Ms. Wanda Maxwell, took us on an ecology field trip to Spittal Pond. Our tour was led by Ms. Robinson and Dr. Bacon from Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo [BAMZ], who were excellent instructors.

The purpose of the trip was to observe the biotic features such as living organisms and the abiotic features such as the soil and pH levels.

Exploring Spittal Pond Bermuda March 28 2019 (1)

For one of the tests we observed and recorded the soil’s pH levels and measured the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels. It helped us as students to recognize the difference in acidic and alkaline conditions in the soil.

Another test we participated in was the test for light, which took place around the trunks of trees. Results proved that trees with access to more light were a lot taller than those refrained from getting light.

We travelled all throughout Spittal Pond and we learned the differences between endemic, native, introduced, and invasive species of plants. Many animals that we did not see on a daily basis we also spotted, such as Bermuda Longtail which made the experience even more valuable.

Exploring Spittal Pond Bermuda March 28 2019 (2)

Important factors on our environment which we had learnt about today are pollution and invasive species. To elaborate, pollution being brought from the ocean to the land are now endangering some of Bermuda’s endemic animals. Additionally, invasive species have started to affect our plants which will further create more and more issues for our island.

Two possible conservation methods are to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives and encourage our community to put all wastes in the trash bins provided. It takes the entire community to keep Bermuda sustainable and beautiful. Furthermore, to deal with the surplus of casuarina trees we could possibly start the act of deforestation and possibly turn them into furniture, jewelry and other paraphernalia.

Exploring Spittal Pond Bermuda March 28 2019 (3)

On behalf of our entire S 2 Biology class from CedarBridge Academy we greatly enjoyed our experience in the Spittal Pond environment and would like to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in the program.

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  1. proud Bermudian says:

    Brilliant Cedarbridge!

  2. I hope they were taught about Jeffery’s Cave, the runaway slave who hid out there for a month before he was captured.