Video: Unveiling Of TLC For Families

April 22, 2019

[Updated] A press conference is being held this afternoon [April 22] at the former “Pembroke Parish Rest Home” in Pembroke for the unveiling of the Transformational Living Centre [TLC] for Families by The Women’s Resource Centre and Habitat for Humanity. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the 8-minute replay is below

Update 4.17pm: A spokesperson said, “The Women’s Resource Centre and Habitat for Humanity are pleased to announce that the location for The Transformational Living Centre [TLC] for ‘Homeless Families’ will be the former Pembroke Rest Home.

“We would like to extend our huge appreciation to The Pembroke Parish Council for their generosity and willingness to provide access to their amazingly beautiful property and the buildings there on.

“After having canvassed many properties and locations around Bermuda, we believe that the Pembroke property is ideally suited to be transformed into a safe, secure and welcoming shelter for some of our most vulnerable families.

“The beautiful grounds, the proximity to schools and playgrounds, and the closeness to Hamilton all contribute to making this location ideal for families.

“We are hugely indebted to the Pembroke Parish Council for their support and patience throughout our negotiations.

TLC For Families Bermuda April 22 2019

“In addition to addressing the needs of homeless families, the Women’s Resource Centre and Habitat for Humanity are committed to extending all programs offered in this facility to the local residents in the surrounding neighborhood. We want to honor the fact that this is truly a Pembroke Parish asset and as such will continue to serve the needs of the area.

“We understand that the renovations that will be required to house up to ten families or approximately 30 people, will cost in the order of $1.3 million. We will be launching a campaign to address this. Along with a Capital Campaign and even more importantly, we are launching a Community Campaign. By this we mean to engage the Bermuda Community in coming together giving of their time and talents to help defray the costs of this project while building a ‘sense of Community’ and accomplishment to assist those families that are struggling the most.

“While the Transformational Living Centre [TLC] will address the housing needs of as many as ten families, our goal is to provide much more than just housing. While Habitat for Humanity will lead the way in the renovation of the building, the programs that seek to transform lives will be spearheaded by the Women’s Resource Centre. The Transformational programme is a combination of targeted support services and partner networking coordinated by the Women’s Resource Centre, to develop and promote self-sufficiency in the lives of disadvantaged women and their families. Components of the programme include a needs assessment, life skills and academic training as well as employability skills training and on-going support. The objective of the program is that participants will have the skills and support they need to become economically self sufficient and contributing citizens. Although the program is for a period of one year, participants will continue to have access to support services, including follow-up to ensure sustainability.

“But neither organizations can accomplish this alone. We have up to now enjoyed the incredible support of so many partner agencies and individuals, and will look forward to expanding that partnership further into the community both in the private, public and charitable sector.”

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  1. Syl Hayward-Harris says:

    Well Hallelujah!! A promise finally coming to fruition. Blessings on all involved!