Bill For Healthcare Cost Reform To Be Tabled

May 9, 2019

[Updated with PDF] “We will deliver what we promised,” said Premier David Burt today, adding that the Bill to “initiate the first phase of the healthcare cost reform will be tabled on Friday when the House returns.”

“We promised to bring down the cost of living for Bermudians and that includes the cost of healthcare. The Minister of Health and her team have been working hard toward that goal and as a government we share their commitment to making healthcare more affordable for the people of Bermuda,” the Premier said.

Noting that the House of Assembly returns from the Easter recess this week, the Premier added, “ There will be no delay. The Bill to initiate the first phase of the healthcare cost reform will be tabled on Friday when the House returns.”

Premier Burt concluded, “For almost 50 years insurance companies have made millions of dollars in profits from a system that has rarely, if ever, looked out for the average citizen.

“This Government was elected to make Bermuda a fairer and more just society. A company’s only duty is to its shareholders and its bottom line. This Government’s responsibility, like its mandate is owed to the people.”

Update May 10, 5.52pm: The full Health Insurance Amendment Bill 2019 follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Not exactly says:

    Are taxes going down? Is standard rate going down? How is this saving people money?

  2. Rebecca Smit says:

    “We promised to bring down the cost of living for Bermudians”

    This is the BIGGEST LIE that the PLP has EVERY made. Literally, not one thing has come down but EVERYTHING else has risen.

    • kevin says:

      cant wait to see this
      the chances of this being successful …..0%
      I am smiling and don’t know why is it because this has no chance or because I gave this government no chance of doing it and they think it will work

  3. Red rose says:

    Did the premier provide a copy of said bill for the people to see?

  4. Ringmaster says:

    The devil is in the detail. Merely shifting costs around won’t solve the problem. It is highly unlikely that Government has the answers.

    • sandgrownan says:

      There’s a square root of zero chance of that.

  5. sandgrownan says:

    Yeah, nice comments from the great orator, if only he could follow through.

    Given the PLP’s history of introducing half baked, ill conceived legislation, this promises to be hilarious.

  6. Dunn juice says:

    And we will create jobs.
    We will show them Europeans we know what where talking about , try to black list us.
    We are going to review and stop that airport project.
    We will revamp the bus schedules.
    We will have a balanced budget by 2019.
    We will give away 1.2 , that’s the only thing they’ve done is give away.. but we have bitcoin and gold so we cool

  7. William Sandys says:

    When my Dad was in need of heart surgery our insurance company covered it. Most Bermudians access the best hospitals in the US and Canada. To say Bermuda insurance companies have rarely looked out for Bermudians is far from the trutth. We paid our premiums. Our insurance company covered us. I don’t want to be forced into a Government scheme.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *I don’t want to be forced into a Government scheme.*

      If I understand correctly ,so far , you won’t be. But according to BF&M (the only insurer to so far speak out) it’ll be costing you at least $3000 a year more.
      Now that is some seriously scary s**t ! People should be rioting over this. Oops , maybe I should have used the word ‘marching’ .

  8. Question says:

    It should scare everyone to death that he wants to stop private insurers,

    I want the freedom to pay what my healthcare costs. I want the freedom to buy private insurance, I don’t want to line politician’s pockets with my healthcare money.

    He will ruin healthcare in this country.

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    “We promised to bring down the cost of living for Bermudians and that includes the cost of healthcare.”

    Yes, that is a PLP platform. Unfortunately a government cannot control costs in a capitist economy. And we know from history that socialist economies are unsustainable. That means all that can truly be done is to shift costs from one cost centre to another.

  10. gustav says:

    typical politician spin …
    say ” left ”
    but mean ” right ”
    wonder why so many people trust those guys

  11. question says:

    The best way to make healthcare costs more affordable would be if all the obese and fat people pay more. They’re the ones who are more likely to use healthcare services for a condition that is completely avoidable.

  12. paulP says:

    Step 1: Dont give 1.2 million to your mate.

  13. question says:

    And just at the point where they’re going to let everyone use cannabis for recreation. The rest of us have to pay for the long term health effects of that too, I suppose. Along with the elevated healthcare costs for all the fat people.

  14. andrew says:

    I don’t understand how most Bermudians are still buying what he is trying to sell us.