‘Disappointed In Result But Proud Of My Team’

June 18, 2019

“I’m disappointed in the result but I’m proud of my team,” Bermuda’s Coach Kyle Lightbourne said after the Bermuda vs Haiti football match, which saw the island record its first ever Gold Cup goal in a game that Haiti won 2-1.

Speaking at a press conference after the match, Coach Kyle Lightbourne said, ”When I sum up the game, I think it’s a game that we created many chances in the first half, we didn’t take them. My biggest disappointment about it is in the chances…is that we didn’t hit the target.

“We frustrated Haiti first half. We knew about their number 11. He came on, he was a big difference for them second half, and they utilized the flanks a lot better. We tried to shut him down, but on the day I think he was the difference of the two teams. Especially in the second half.

“I think I’m proud of my team. I think we worked hard,” he added. “We’re going to have our difficult moments. It’s how we manage it.

“But we’re not afraid to play, we’re not afraid. I think my team’s been drilled well enough to know, but it’s harsh lessons that have to be learned at this level. So, I’m disappointed in the result but I’m proud of my team.”

When asked what was one of the first things he said to the team following the game, Coach Lightbourne said, “Let’s keep our heads up. It’s a harsh learning opportunity for us.

“I also said that we didn’t take our chances, we didn’t hit the target when we had the opportunity to hit the target, and we got in spaces that we were working on in training.

“I think a lot of good things have come out of that game. I think we probably surprised a few people in the way that we played, and I’m proud of my team even though we lost. I’m proud of them.

“This is what I said yesterday it’s about us building and getting better, that’s the most important thing for me.”

He added,  “From after this press conference, everything goes towards Costa Rica. We will be prepared. We’re training hard. Our boys putting in the work. It’s difficult for us, we know that. We’re not hiding the fact.”


Bermuda’s team includes Nahki Wells, Dante Leverock, Jonte Smith, Reggie Lambe, Dale Eve, Oliver Jalen Harvey, Calon Minors, Roger Lee, Kacy Milan Butterfield, Jaylon Bather, Lejaun Simmons, Donte Brangman, Chikosi Basden, Zeiko Lewis, Willie Clemons, Jahquil Hill, Osagi Bascome, Cecoy Robinson, Justin Donawa, Wendell Tre Ming, Liam Evans, Marco Warren, and Quinaceo Hunt.

The Gombey Warriors will now take on Costa Rica on June 20th in Dallas, and then match up against Nicaragua on June 24th in New Jersey, and in an effort to provide comprehensive coverage of Bermuda’s debut in this highly prestigious regional competition, Bernews has a dedicated reporter traveling with the team in order to bring all the latest action and insights, with the special coverage thanks to the support of Butterfield & Vallis, One Communications, and Bermuda Security Group.

If you want additional coverage, please feel free to join Bernews new Sports Facebook group, where our traveling reporter is providing daily updates and some ‘behind the scenes’ coverage.


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  1. Crazy says:

    Seeing the talent that we have on display makes me proud of this team. Especially when it’s not their fault that they ran out of steam. This is right at the end of our football season and one would think that they would be at their fittest. It shows that the level we play here will just not be good enough to compete overseas and be successful. To be match fit for this level requires match play against this type of opposition on a more consistent basis. I could only imagine this team after about three months overseas or playing against teams like this twice a week in Bermuda. One game against Guyana just won’t do it. I’m not even gonna get into the high altitude training required. Love to see this team stay together and be invested in. My guess is your fitness levels will be even better by the end of this tournament. Keep fighting men!!!!

    • WWarren says:

      The team played well. It is a mental game just as much as a fitness game.
      Someone had to come out the winner.
      It could have been us just as easily as it was them.
      My observation is that we are stronger our first half, so we really need to stay focused and put away our chances away at the beginning of the whistle.
      A goal in the 1st minute of a competition could be a winner.
      Haiti make a good technical decision that we did not quite have an answer for. We could have made sure to put a man on each of the double strikers especially #11 who was strategically bought on as a threat.
      However, we were just as deadly the first half. We did a great job of creating chances. Unfortunately, we were not able to put them away.
      And the 2nd half we needed to revert back to our game plan and do more penetrative passing as opposed to pumping the ball up long. A little more talking and someone leading would also have helped.

      I’m extremely proud of our team.
      They played well. The best is yet to come.
      ‘It’s only up from here’!