Dr. Ball Public Health Scholarship Recipients

June 30, 2019

The Ministry of Health announced the awardees of the 2019 Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarships, with all Toriah Smith, Kyla Sinclair, Taylor Hill, Sasha Maybury, Candice Albuoy, Crystal Dill, Annisha Peets, Ter-Rae Morrison and Ivy Ingham all receiving scholarships.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce the awardees of the 2019 Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarships. This year there were 9 successful new recipients.

“The Ministry receives a large number of applications every year. The caliber of applicants is very high, making the award increasingly competitive as there are many deserving candidates.

“In making the awards, the committee considers a combination of factors including academic achievement, financial need and public health priority of the professional discipline.

Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship Recipients Bermuda June 30 2019

“Scholarships are offered for study in a range of health professions that support public health, with priority given to nursing, allied health and social work. Including past awardees, a total of nineteen students are currently receiving the scholarship.

The Minister of Health said, “This government is proud to support Bermudians in their pursuit of careers in public health services. These nine new scholarship recipients join a long line of health professionals that have benefited from the Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship and gone on to personal and professional success.

“There are a great many number of job opportunities in Bermuda for health professionals to enjoy a challenging and rewarding career. I encourage eligible students pursuing a career in public health and in need of financial assistance to apply for the scholarship next year.”

The 2019 new awardees are:

  • Toriah Smith – Mental Health Nursing – Kingston University
  • Kyla Sinclair – Physiotherapy – Bournemouth University
  • Taylor Hill – Speech-Language – Dalhousie University
  • Sasha Maybury – Nursing – University of Southampton
  • Candice Albuoy – Social Work – University of Georgia
  • Crystal Dill – Forensic Psychology – Walden University
  • Annisha Peets – Psychology – Walden University
  • Ter-Rae Morrison – Nursing – University of Manchester
  • Ivy Ingham – Nursing – Advent Health University

“The Ministry of Health would also like to congratulate the 2018 Graduates who benefited from the Dr Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship to complete their studies –

  • Zaire M. L. Morris – Social Work
  • Shuntelle R.C. Paynter – Mental Health Counselling [Clinical]
  • Michaela K. Bean – Nursing

“Dr. Barbara Bertha Ball was born in Bermuda in 1924. Following her graduation from Liverpool University Medical School in 1949 and a short working stint in the United Kingdom, Dr. Ball returned to Bermuda in 1954 and devoted her life to the needs of the downtrodden. She was the first female physician to practice medicine in Bermuda, and a tireless champion for people’s rights.

“The Government of Bermuda is pleased to recognise her by awarding scholarships to public health professionals in her honour. The Ministry of Health awards the Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship annually to Bermudian students seeking careers or professional development in public health.

“Scholarships are awarded for a combination of academic achievement, financial need and choice of healthcare profession that would be most beneficial to public health in Bermuda. Current public health priorities are: nursing, allied health [rehabilitative therapies], social work, environmental health, post-graduate health economics, and post-graduate qualification in public health.

“For more information visit here.”

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  1. Congrats says:

    Well done. Where are our boys?

  2. BoutThyme says:

    Males are not eligible for these scholarships

    • Male Applicant says:

      Firstly, congrats to the winners!

      Secondly, it’s not evident that males are not eligible on the scholarship website. Males are able to apply, but are never selected, so you may be right. I’m male and applied this year.

      I’m just curious, where did you get your information?

    • Patricia says:

      Thats not true

      • Question says:

        So why are the recipients all women?