Photos & Video: “You Go Girl” Relay Race

June 9, 2019

[Updated with photos] The eighth annual “You Go Girl” female-only relay is being held this morning [June 9] in Hamilton, with female runners hitting the streets wearing a variety of interesting costumes.

This is a relay of three legs of 2K, organized as a ‘train’ where the first person does all three legs or 6K, the second person does two legs or 4K, and the third person does 2K.

As a ‘train’, at the end of each Leg, the next person joins their team member, so that at the end of all legs all team members must finish together. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video is below.

Uodate: The live video has concluded and the 23-minute replay is below


Click to enlarge photos:

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