Opposition Leader’s Cup Match Message

July 31, 2019

Craig Cannonier Bermuda December 2018[Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier's Cup Match message]

It’s that time of the year again where the colors of Blue and Blue and Red and Blue can be found in every corner of Bermuda.

Cup Match marks one of the most important dates in our history – Emancipation Day, and we should never forget that. We should always remember what Emancipation meant to so many of our people who were denied their basic human rights.

Today, Cup Match is also a time of year when the whole of Bermuda is united around a single event – where strangers joust with strangers, where black and white, men and women poke fun at each other over the result.

You see, sport does that – sport unites people from all walks of life, from all sorts of backgrounds, in a common interest. It is a shame that come the Monday after Cup Match, much of that feeling will have gone.

Bermuda needs to maintain the spirit of Cup Match because if a people unite, anything is possible.

Whatever you are doing, whether you are going to the game, one of the many events, seeing friends and family or just relaxing on the beach, have a wonderful and safe Cup Match.

PS, it is in St. George’s this year and I have a strong feeling the Cup will be staying there.


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