Opposition Leader’s Cup Match Message

July 29, 2021

[Opposition Leader Cole Simons' Cup Match message]

Without a doubt, Bermuda needs a celebration. After the past year and a half of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and foregoing many of our time-honored traditions, Cup Match 2021 is a welcome reminder of what makes Bermuda, Bermuda.

Over the two-day holiday, let’s remember to celebrate one of Bermuda’s national heroes, Mary Prince, a West Indian slave, who was brought to Bermuda and dared to present a petition to Parliament to argue for her human right to freedom. I urge families to teach their children and grandchildren about Bermuda’s history of enslavement and of the events that finally lead to our Emancipation. As a people, we applaud the fierce courage that Mary Prince demonstrated, and vow to never take our freedom for granted.

Over Cup Match the friendly spirit of competition takes over many conversations, as we proudly proclaim who will win our annual Cricket Classic cricket match and where the trophy will reside. We prepare food, make plans to watch the Cricket match, others will go camping or the beach, while others will enjoy the holiday on a quieter note.

However, you celebrate Cup Match 2021, enjoy the season, choose your team, which should be St. George’s, but more importantly, please also choose to stay safe, by observing the necessary health protocols. Let’s ensure that this holiday is registered as one that is filled with fun, family, food, friends, with no violations – we deserve it.

On behalf of the One Bermuda Alliance, we hope you all enjoy the holiday, celebrate your freedom and may the best team win. Happy Cup Match Bermuda!”


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