Opposition Leader’s Cup Match Message

July 26, 2022

Cole Simons Bermuda December 2018[Opposition Leader Cole Simons' Cup Match message]

It’s Cup Match time in Bermuda and there’s no place I’d rather be than right here in beautiful Bermuda.

I am a die-hard St. George’s fan, and I have every confidence that St. George’s will be victorious – in Somerset! As the holiday approaches, one can actually feel the atmosphere heating up, figuratively and literally. It is all about red and blue and blue and blue – people and players coming together, enjoying the match, enjoying each other, eating great food, and relaxing for four days!

But we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the holiday without being emancipated from slavery. We have real freedom where others have been denied. We have the freedom to be with our families and to enjoy life. Today we have the freedom to come together on one field, under one umbrella for fun, friendship and competition; celebrating the beautiful legacy of our forefathers who fought for all of us.

So, let’s take these next days to be thankful for what we have, to share what we can with each other, and extend a hand to neighbours and acquaintances in the true spirit of the holiday.

We can also take time to consider where we are headed as individuals and as a country.

We all want a better tomorrow, but the question is-how do we get there?

I believe the key lies in each of us. Start by believing in yourself. Be your own reality check, your own monitor, with an active conscience, asking yourself: Is what I am doing taking me there or taking me in the wrong direction? You always know when you are doing wrong. The key is to stop before you act, and ask yourself – Is this the right thing to do? Is this taking me in the right direction?

It is on these answers that you build your life. Similarly, Bermuda is built on the cumulative responses of each one of us to these questions and progressed – but It starts within each of us, keeping an eye on who we are.

Often, the direction we take reflects the discipline and determination we have. Without it, we are weakened, and our world becomes more uncertain, and unsafe, but those who live to make their dreams a reality know that the change lies within their hearts.

Out of this realization, progress is born, and communities become strong.

My hopes and dreams for our great Island lies within each of us. Bermuda can only get better if we get better – all of us; keeping our dreams alive through discipline, hard work, a strong moral compass and never-ending compassion for all who come our way.

On this Cup Match 2022, let’s keep our dreams alive. Enjoy the holiday, and together, let’s build a better Bermuda.

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