CTBTO Upgrading Network Of Monitoring Sites

September 22, 2019

Representatives from the United Nations Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation [CTBTO] were in Bermuda earlier this week upgrading a network of local monitoring sites.

“The Bermuda infrasound station forms part of a global network of over 300 monitoring stations which detect evidence of nuclear explosions anywhere on the planet whether on the earth’s surface, in the atmosphere, underwater or underground,” the Airport Authority said.

“A CTBTO team is currently on-island to refurbish Bermuda’s monitoring sites which continually measure the atmosphere for sound waves of a particular frequency and transmit the recordings to an International Data Centre located at CTBTO’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

CTBTO Bermuda September 2019

“Of the 184 countries who have signed the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 44 specific nuclear technology holder countries must ratify it before the Treaty can enter into force – of these, eight countries are still missing. Bermuda’s inclusion falls within the United Kingdom’s participation as Treaty signatory and, due to the island’s remote location, helps to provide the CTBTO monitoring system with a more complete global coverage.

“Members of the Bermuda Airport Authority visited a monitoring site at the LF Wade International Airport and met with Chief of the CTBTO International Maintenance Facility Support Section, Mr. Hideaki Komiyama and his team for an update on the work being done.

“CTBTO has operated four nuclear test monitoring sites in Bermuda since 2008. Operation and maintenance of the sites had been the responsibility of the Bermuda Government up until 2017 when responsibility was placed directly with the Bermuda Airport Authority.”

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