Airport Authority Complete ILS/DME Replacement

May 3, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Airport Authority announced the completion of a project to replace the existing Instrument Landing System/Distance Measuring Equipment [ILS/DME] facility at the LF Wade International Airport.

A spokesperson said, “An ILS/DME is used by pilots and air traffic controllers to ensure the safe landing of aircraft during reduced visibility by providing vertical, horizontal, and distance from touchdown guidance to aircraft through specific frequency signal transmissions from the ILS/DME equipment to the aircraft during the final stages of its approach to land.

“The ILS/DME forms only one of a number of different landing aid technologies used in Bermuda, and assists aircraft using approaches to the airport from the East. The high ground at Ferry Reach prevents the ILS/DME technology being effectively used for approaches made by aircraft from the West, where alternative landing aid technology is employed.

“The previous ILS/DME facility was installed at the LF Wade International Airport in 2004, and had reached the end of its useful life. The new system was purchased from the same manufacturer as the previous system, Selex ES, who have recently been acquired by global air traffic management leader Indra Air Traffic, and whose manufacturing and training facility is located in Kansas, USA.

“The project commenced in January 2023 and the new system was successfully installed in March 2024 following an inspection by the US Federal Aviation Administration’s airborne flight inspection team. Project activities included site survey, civil works, technician training, system installation, and flight inspection. Due to the proximity of the ILS/DME equipment to the airport runway a significant amount of the work was required to be completed at night to avoid disruption of regular air operations.

“Minister of Transport, the Hon. Wayne Furbert JP MP, paid a visit to the LF Wade International Airport to help the Bermuda Airport Authority celebrate their achievement.

Bermuda Airport Authority CEO, Lester Nelson said “Completion of this major project has been a true team effort, and would not have been possible without the assistance of many Airport Authority employees including air traffic engineering, air traffic control, airport maintenance services, Bermuda Weather Service, and project leadership staff. We are also grateful to a number of local contractors who provided valuable services during the civil works phase of the project.”

“Total project cost is in excess of $900,000 and the new system will continue to minimize the traveller disruption caused by aircraft requiring to divert to the US mainland in the event that landings are not possible in Bermuda due to reduced visibility. Vendor, Indra AT, has committed to support for the new system for the next 15-20 years.”

American Airlines flight departing to Miami with ILS in front right

Instrument Landing System Bermuda May 2 2024 (1)

CEO Lester Nelson and Minister Furbert [in front of the ILS]

Instrument Landing System Bermuda May 2 2024 (2)

Minister Furbert and BAA team in front of ILS. James Simmons, Jamal Williams, Jamie Sapsford, Matthew White, CEO Lester Nelson, Minister Furbert, Ian Mills, Mark Bourne, Wendell Burchall, Richard Roberts

Instrument Landing System Bermuda May 2 2024 (3)

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