Officials Confirm: 20 People Killed In Bahamas

September 4, 2019

International media are now reporting the very sad news that officials have confirmed that 20 people have died in the Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian, with the total expected to rise as search efforts continue.

“Minister of Health Dr Duane Sands has confirmed that the death toll from Hurricane Dorian now stands at 20 – as for 6pm. There were 17 deaths in Abaco and three in Grand Bahama,” the Bahamas Tribune report, while the Washington Post reported, ”17 dead were reported in the Abacos and three were reported in Grand Bahama. But that total is expected to rise as search efforts continue.”

Bahamas Health Minister Duane Sands told NBC News that 20 deaths had been confirmed so far and that the number was expected to rise. “We’ve had an absolute horrendous tragedy, numbers of lives lost, and we have not completed the door-to-door,” Minister Sands said.

The U.S. Coast Guard is supporting the Bahamian National Emergency Management Agency and the Royal Bahamian Defense Force, who are leading search and rescue efforts in the Bahamas, and state they have rescued 114 people since Hurricane Dorian began.

Coast Guard video showing some of the rescue efforts:

The Royal Navy vessel RFA Mounts Bay, which has visited Bermuda on multiple occasions, is on scene, and has “delivered essential aid to residents of Great Abaco in The Bahamas.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “Canada stands ready to help the Bahamian people and communities affected by this disaster and has pledged $500,000 in initial emergency assistance.”

Bermuda is among the nations around the world ready to assist the Bahamas, with BELCO on standby to send crews to assist in restoration, and Premier David Burt confirmed that he has reached out to the Bahamian Prime Minister to offer any support we can, saying that they “will look to deploy the Regiment if necessary.”

Slideshow of photos showing some of the devastation in the Bahamas

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“We are in the midst of a historic tragedy,” said the Bahamian Prime Minister. “The devastation is unprecedented and extensive.”

“We are in the midst of one of the greatest national crises in our country’s history,” the Prime Minister added.

Hurricane Dorian, which is now a Category 2 storm, is barreling towards the south east United States, where a number of warnings and watches are in effect.

Locals who wish to donate to help The Bahamas can do so via the Bermuda Red Cross, which launched an appeal to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

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  1. mixitup says:

    Hurts my heart :(

  2. SMH says:

    SAD ):

  3. Southampton says:

    Are they asking for volunteers – doctors, nurses or emt’s?

  4. With Bahamas being not too far from Bermuda, many of us can GO there SOON to take supplies and our own cash!!
    Sometimes, relying on other agencies, you do not know where your things are going, especially MONEY!!!!!!!!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Will the Bermuda Government waive the FCPT on donations? You can’t send BD$. They are worthless everywhere but in Bermuda.