Crime Stoppers Receives Award In Singapore

November 6, 2019

Crime Stoppers Bermuda recently received the International Community Partnership Award during the Crime Stoppers International annual conference in Singapore.

A spokesperson said, “Crime Stoppers International has held its 2019 annual conference in Singapore with the theme ‘Cyber Crime – Partnership to Mitigate Cyber Threats’. The conference brings together all of the Crime Stoppers programs worldwide, law enforcement, government officials and researchers from all over the world for a symposium on best practice and emerging threats.

“The conference focused on how anonymous reporting can have a tremendous impact on local communities by ensuring confidentially when members of the public wish to report or prevent crime anonymously to their local law enforcement agencies.

“The three day conference heard from world renowned speakers on topics including, people trafficking, sexual abuse, cybercrime, wildlife trafficking and anti-money laundering.

“During the annual international conference three Crime Stoppers Bermuda Directors were in attendance and during the awards ceremony the Bermuda programme received the International Community Partnership Award for their inaugural Film Festival Weekend which was held in Bermuda during February 2018.”

Crime Stoppers Bermuda Nov 2019

“Over the course of the Film Weekend a variety of thrilling film screenings were held at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI].”

Crime Stoppers International President Sharon Hanlon said, “I would like to congratulate Crime Stoppers Bermuda on this award. The board of directors felt that it was important to recognize the innovation and dedication that the Bermuda team has put in to this Film Festival Weekend to raise funds for the local program.

“At an international board level we will look to share such concepts of fundraising and community involvement with Crime Stoppers programs in other Regionals throughout the world where Crime Stoppers International are actively in communities.”

A spokesperson for the Crime Stoppers Bermuda program said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be recognized for the hard work and dedication that our team do to making the program a success. After the success of the Film Weekend last year it will be returning again from February 6-9, 2020.

“The weekend promises to have another spectacular selection of films. Please visit or click here for the most up to date information.”

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