Video: OBA Leader Responds To BIU President

November 20, 2019

“What we heard today from Chris Furbert was nothing more than cheap electioneering,” Craig Cannonier said, with the OBA Leader asking why isn’t the BIU holding press conferences to ask about issues such as the increasing cost of groceries, increased taxes BIU members are paying and lack of new jobs.

Mr. Cannonier said, “I listened with interest to the press conference from Chris Furbert today. What Mr Furbert fails to recognize is that he owes the public – and his members – an explanation over his silence on the key issues affecting Bermudians today.

“I want to ask him some questions. Why isn’t the BIU holding press conferences to ask about issues such as:

  • The increasing cost of groceries
  • Falling property prices
  • The new and increased taxes BIU members are paying
  • The friends and family payments
  • The silence about the failings we see in DCFS
  • The lack of new jobs

“What we heard today from Chris Furbert was nothing more than cheap electioneering. Cheap shots against a young man who dearly wants to represent his country to fight for the future of all Bermudians, not some Bermudians.

“What people want to know is how they will make a living, how seniors can enjoy their retirement and how our youth will get a job.

“Where are BIU’s press conferences on these pressing issues? Where is the self-styled People’s Campaign? Why are they all so silent when Bermudians are suffering today, now?

“Dwayne Robinson is a fine young man. Bermuda needs him, and others like him. He represents our future.”

Mr Cannonier added that the “Premier’s use of reckless and blatant electioneering has done nothing to build trust in him as a leader” as he “tries to stymie democracy and now he needs the Union’s help on the eve of the election.”

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  1. LOL says:

    When is the UBPoba changing the name again? Will it be before the next election or after your defeat Craigy? You folks are so angry at the people. The only leader you have is JETGATE UBPoba out of desperation LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    • Black Soil says:

      Meanwhile Bermuda’s decline continues.

      • Truth says:

        ….mean while you have a puppet as the OBA leader who the PEOPLE don’t respect.

        • BS says:

          you have a puppet to, his strings are being pulled by the invisible author

    • Red rose says:

      More ubp leaders in the plp than oba.

      • Truth says:

        ….and everyone of them was a black leader who departed from the UBP aka OBA like other black voters….this party needs to find out why so many blacks don’t trust the UBP!!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      Ask Dr. Brown about the real Jetgate. You know, the one where tax payer dollars ended up with a firm headed up by his friend from Howard.

    • bluenose says:

      Deflection. How about you answer some of his questions?

  2. Rego says:

    Mr. Cannonier they only placed you as leader of the OBA because the smart people in that organisation know it’s the Titanic. Are you so blind to see you’re being used yet again. OMG man wake up Sir!

    • Onion Juice says:

      Hand picked …..!

    • kevin says:

      you know what is sad ….the oba is the only option for our ability to turn this around …you all can lay claim to everything you think …but reality the oba is our only chance to make it work….ya suck it up and if you want our current position to stay as is vote plp we are sinking …daily you will soon be deciding food or ……….its coming plp voters blind and admit it

  3. wahoo says:

    KABOOM! Reality bites don’t it? Well said Mr. Cannonier. As usual CF picks what makes him angry and guess what family it ain’t rising taxes, it isn’t buses that don’t come, once a week trash pick up? (god no). Someone disagrees with an attempt to shut down debate and pervert democracy now that makes him vexed! Who is he really working for family? Not us.

  4. Red rose says:

    Plp/premier got this so wrong – clearly worried sick about this result. The combined opposition is back!

    • Jus' Askin' says:

      “…clearly worried sick about this result.”
      are You serious?
      24-12 is not cause for alarm, at all ;-)
      and please spare Me the B.S. of “…shift in opinion…”

      Craig truly needs to STOP :-(
      does he need reminding of his track record? :-D

      and talk about ‘Friends’ and ‘Family’, isn’t Dwayne Robinson, ‘Friends’ with ‘Family’ (Craig’s son)
      PRICELESS!!!!! :-D :-D

      Please Pay Attention ~

      • OMG says:

        While Rome burns, there may not be a Bermuda after the next general election.

        • Real talk says:

          Yes the oba…UBP is a burnt cause. Mr.JetGATE is burning it down even more as the circus act in charge.

  5. Onion Juice says:

    Oh go lay down, de lil twirt disrespected his elders who paved de way for you and him fighting against de ideology that you and him support.
    So go lay down and carry their water.

    • BS says:

      a simple question onion juice, are you always a muppet, or a lemming that will follow its leader over the cliff. figure that out if and that’s a big IF you can

    • wahoo says:

      The elders might want to know why their homes are worth less now than they were 3 years ago….talk about disrespect!

  6. Truthhertz says:

    How about Mr. Furbert hold a press conference detailing why the new bus schedule was pulled and why the taxpaying public has to pay more for leas and less government services?

  7. Evie says:

    Shut up Craig

  8. Double S says:

    “Where are BIU’s press conferences on these pressing issues? Where is the self-styled People’s Campaign? Why are they all so silent when Bermudians are suffering today, now?”

    The first mistake is thinking those special interest groups were actually sincere in their stated aims.

    The never did and still dont care about ‘the people.’ If they did they would still be active and protesting the current state of affairs.

    They cared and care for one and one thing only and that is the PLP regain and retain power and the benefits they glean personally from their rule. “The people” and their wellbeing are an after thought.

    And that goes for each and every member of those special interest groups.

  9. Um.... says:

    The BIU can’t talk about those issues because it will highlight the failure of their party.

    Hayward will likely win this election and be first in line for a ministry when the Premier reshuffles cabinet, but it won’t last. Bermudians of all colors are hurting and this government isn’t doing anything to help them.

    But I’m glad they gave Dr. Brown that $1.2m.

  10. Fair Bermuda says:

    Dunkley is pulling Craig in the wrong direction he is about to fall off the cliff

  11. Thank you says:

    You are spot on Mr Cannonier. Mr Robinson cares enough about his country and fellow Bermudians to put himself out there and open himself up to the venom of the PLP and it supporters.

    Mr Furbert your display is shameful.

    I agree what is your position on the really serious things facing this country and your own constituents. How about focusing on that instead of tearing down a young Bermudian who wants to make a difference.

    Shame on you brother Furbert.

    • Charlly X says:

      Well the Airport is almost built-up. Can I get a GPS taxi to the Airport? Can I get departure taxes revoked? CAN I get a free ride on a jet? If I Bob for an Apple hopefully I won’t cut off my nose to spite my face?
      Can We get the Truth about the dealings about the contract????? Maybe in 30yrs????

    • bermyguy says:

      mr robinson doesn’t care about the people, he’s “putting himself out there” because the oba has no one else to run. use a young black person in a black constituency. nothing special about that.

      and “opening himself up to venom” goes both ways, doesn’t matter which party, you put yourself on the chopping block for the public, hence, the term “public service”.

      mr robinson is another surrogate black person, along with cannonier, being used by the real paymasters of the UBP.

  12. Seriously though says:

    Listening to Cannonier shouting…. ..Wondering, WHY?

  13. Jason Souza says:

    Seriously though Cannonier is shouting because he is tied like the rest of uus.

  14. JohnBoy says:

    I was waiting for him to drop some forks

  15. Codfish says:

    STOP. ALL YOU POLITICIANS STOP. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Is this how you want to be remembered? Wouldn’t you rather be remembered for your love of Bermuda and the amazing things you did in her service. We are all tired of listening to the constant sniping and want to see our beautiful broken home fixed. Both parties OBA and PLP. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  16. Charles clark says:

    Plp Oba your all the same people you do not care about the bermudians cost of living is rising and all you people do is take how we to live here you plp oba just continue to lie to the people .. I don’t like them

  17. Thank you CC says:

    Shameful attack on a young Bermudian who is stepping up to the plate to try to help our country.

    Brother Furbert your priorities are misplaced.

    Shame on you!

  18. Blind Faithfuls says:

    EB brought out the strings and told Chris to dance.. But everyone is mad at CC.