Dwayne Robinson: OBA By-Election Candidate

November 5, 2019

[Updated with video] Senator Dwayne Robinson was today unveiled as the One Bermuda Alliance candidate for the by-election in Pembroke Central, Constituency 17.

“I am enormously proud to be given the opportunity to serve the people of Pembroke Central,” said Mr Robinson, who has just returned from his honeymoon after getting married to his wife Reshay.

“Mr Robinson, 25, lived in Albert Row until the age of 14 and went to Somerset Primary school and CedarBridge,” the OBA said.

“He has volunteered at the SPCA, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Family Learning Center. He went to India with Raleigh International and when he returned, he continued to help with Raleigh, helping to train other students for their overseas trips.

“He also volunteered with The Regiment and was about to take exams to become a Lieutenant when he was asked to serve as an OBA Senator.”

Reshay Robinson, Dwayne Robinson’s wife, Dwayne Robinson and his mother Barbara

Dwayne Robinson Bermuda Nov 2019

“I saw the vision laid out by Craig when he scouted me. It was a vision that I supported, having a more efficient government, fiscal responsibility, accountability, creating a future where we’re not having to tax our people, where we’re able to get foreign investment to support Bermudians growing up.

“I feel like the One Bermuda Alliance has a way better plan for the country and at the end of the day, it was always country first for me.”

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said he had no hesitation in agreeing that Senator Robinson should be the candidate for C17.

“I saw Dwayne’s talent when I asked him to become a Senator. He truly believes in giving back to Bermuda. He was a superb addition to the Senate team and he will be a superb addition to the House of Assembly.”

Senator Robinson, who works at Digicel, has a background in advertising and marketing, being the co-founder of It’s That Type of Party, a political/social commentary content creating platform, co-founder of the newly founded production team Superbia Productions, and the founder of Neo Apex Productions, a content creating team that deals primarily in fashion and modelling.

His businesses have yielded the opportunity to work with many artists over the years, and he has served as the executive producer of short films, music videos, photoshoots, YouTube videos, adverts, and other content.

He produced a film called “Confessions: The Power of Birth” which won the Bermuda Society of Arts competition and was shown at BIFF.

The PLP has already announced that Senator Jason Hayward will be the PLP candidate for the Constituency 17 Pembroke Central by-election, which is set to be held on November 21st.

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Comments (22)

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  1. burt onomics says:

    Ok, now we are talking! PLP banked on Kempe and picked Hayward as a result – that could seriously backfire. Burt should have listened to the constituency branch who did not want Hayward!

  2. hanky panky says:

    Ok …. let battle commence. If I were Hayward, parachuted into a seat where I was not wanted, I would be very worried about this indeed.

  3. David says:

    Clearly an upstanding Bermudian, and while there’s plenty to like about this young man, what I like best is- *country* first!

    • Paul says:

      I also like this young unbiased young man, and I wish him all the best..

    • Thanks to those in the past that sacrificed so young men like him can progress inspite off obsticles from the powers that be, but I cant understand how they process their Historical reasoning fighting against an entity that fought for them?

  4. Yes! says:

    Yes! Finally OBA rolling out with young fresh faces!

  5. Equality says:

    Good luck Robinson, anything to keep out another hatemonger would be greatly appreciated.

  6. La Verdad says:

    What a disappointment. I hoped for a more seasoned, experienced, educated and successful business candidate. This is a no contest for the plp. Sigh

  7. B4Premier says:

    A candidate I quite like….not a hint of entitlement or arrogance. Good selection job Mrs. Barton and Mr. Cannonier.

  8. Paul says:

    It would be so comforting to know we have a party that actually cares about it’s people,and not what they can do for their own agenda….

  9. campervan says:

    What an amazing resume for such a young person. Clearly dedicated, focused and the absolutely the right kind of character that we need to assist in steering Bermuda in the right direction. I wish you well and whatever the outcome of the by election, thank you for your service.

  10. Truth says:

    The truth of the matter… the OBA party is and will always be 95% white voter base, but you wouldn’t think so with ref to the video above. Always trying to fool people is not the way Craig. Clearly Robinson is being used like so many of my people that came before him. After the lost of the next election the OBA will split and the BDA party will form again. Only at that time will we have balance. Told you long time ago don’t merge. Robinson when you knock on doors ask the black voters why they stopped voting in the OBA which resulted in a 24 – 11 victory.

  11. hmmm says:

    Black Bermudians really struggle to support anything that UBP/OBA do. Until another party is formed the UBP/OBA will fail. We all know what this party is about and they always place the surrogates to the front lines.

    Dwayne start writing your defeat speech.

  12. russell says:

    What a well rounded young man. I think he is just the type of person the OBA need now – young, fresh, smart, and eager to serve Bermuda. Please more of you men and women get involved with the OBA and make Bermuda great again.