Martial Artists Win Medals In Virginia

January 21, 2020

Martial artists from Bermuda won multiple medals at John Chung’s World Cup of Martial Arts event in Virginia. on January 18 and January 19.

A spokesperson said, “Mr Chung was celebrating 50 years of his martial arts career and team leader Andrea McKey presented him with a plaque from the Bermuda Karate Organization acknowledging this milestone and his 35 years of support for martial arts in Bermuda.”

John Chung World Cup Of Martial Arts Bermuda Jan 2020 (1)

Dominique Brown:

  • 3rd intermediate weapons
  • 3rd trad form
  • 3rd sparring

Callahj Simons:

  • 3rd trad form
  • finalist sparring

Kentaro Bean:

  • 1st weapons/dropped weapon in grand championship
  • 1st in forms
  • Disqualified in sparring

Amiel Trott:

  • 3rd in trad form

Rakeysha Robinson:

  • 2nd trad form
  • 2nd weapons

Kent Bean:

  • 1st weapons
  • 1st forms

Charles Ndiaye:

  • 1st form
  • 1st sparring

Charles Butterfield:

  • 1st form

Andrea McKey:

  • 1st open extreme weapons
  • 2nd traditional weapons
  • 1st form

Ms McKey, Charles Butterfield and Kent Bean were all in the grand champion round for form.

John Chung World Cup Of Martial Arts Bermuda Jan 2020 (2)

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