Non-Alcoholic Heineken Beer Now Available

January 24, 2020

Burrows Lightbourn Ltd. has introduced Heineken 0.0% to its product line, providing a non-alcoholic option for those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption.

A spokesperson said, “A beer brewed with beer lovers in mind, Heineken Master Brewers have created a tasty yet healthy alternative to the original Heineken, now with 0.0% alcohol. Brewed using the same process as its alcoholic counterpart, Heineken 0.0% is full of natural ingredients while still delivering its iconic flavor.

“As consumers move towards the trend of wellness and increased sobriety, non-alcoholic beer allows drinkers to lead more balanced lifestyles all around. Packing only 69 calories, Heineken 0.0 encourages healthier decisions this New Year and a way to satisfy cravings, guilt-free.

“Heineken 0.0% is available for purchase at major supermarkets and liquor stores. Customers are encouraged to share their 0.0% moments using hashtag #NowYouCan. Learn more about Heineken 0.0% here.”

Heineken Brand Manager Nicholas Moulder, who is pictured below, said, “Heineken 0.0% is unique in that it can be consumed anywhere, from bars to cinemas and barbershops, that don’t have an alcoholic license but still want to provide a beer-like option to their customers.”

Nicholas Moulder Bermuda Jan 2020

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  1. 25 - 11 and Two Bermudas says:

    I am broke every week because of the high cost of living and cannot afford to buy Elephant beer to knock me off to sleep so I stop worrying about the Two Bermuda’s and 25-11 victory that will leave us with the PLP for ever and ever and ever.

    I want to try this zero percent beer from Heineken so hopefully it is hard the price of alcoholic beer

    Can I pay for it with my BurtCoins or show the retailer Minister Furberts Video which he said can be cashed at the Ministry like a food stamp voucher to reduce our suffering.

    All starting to sound like that period before the French Revolution when the aristocracy told the hungry Parisians let them eat cake

    I really need a beer with alcohol and a march on Parliament to get Premiers attention to the real struggles I am facing.

  2. Free Beer says:

    Luckily Heineken 0.0 is one of the better non-alcoholic beers out there, tastes very similar to the real thing.