St John’s Road Reopens After 9-Month Closure

May 11, 2024 | 2 Comments

“I am pleased with the efficient efforts of Sunrise Construction Ltd. in restoring St. John’s Road to its full functionality,” commented Minister of Public Works David Burch.

The Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry is pleased to announce the reopening of St. John’s Road at the junction with Cedar Avenue in Pembroke on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

“The road area had been closed for nine months due to repairs necessitated by an incident involving a crane toppling over an embankment on St. Johns Road. It is worth giving some history to this project.

“The repairs have been a deceptively large project, and generally, the work has gone well. However, some time was lost at the start for administrative approvals, as they coincided with the cyber-attack.

“Sunrise quoted a 16-to-17-week construction programme with a 1-month timeline for designing and ordering reinforcement.

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“Since the unfortunate incident in August 2023, the Ministry’s dedicated team of engineers and construction professionals have worked tirelessly to ensure the safe and efficient repair of the damaged wall structure along St. John’s Road.

“The Ministry is proud to report that the wall repairs have been completed to the highest standards, and the road is now ready to welcome back motorists.

“Repair works included reinstatement of new traffic loops that were damaged during the incident, reinstallation of traffic lights, and thorough testing of traffic light phasing cycles to ensure optimal functionality.

“The construction team has also restriped pavement arrows and stop bars and commenced minor curb and sidewalk repairs around the traffic lights.”

Minister Burch expressed his satisfaction with the completion of the repairs, adding, “This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to maintaining Bermuda’s infrastructure to the highest standards while ensuring the safety and convenience of all road users.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works thanks the public for their patience and cooperation during the repair works.”

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  1. comfortably numb says:

    Can we obtain the timeline details of the wall repair just west of the Waterlot Inn? I have passed the site on numerous occasions and the only thing working was the lights – no sign of any workers. I believe the scheduled finish day was mid March and here we are in mid May.

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Until the next one. Preventative maintenance prevents poor infrastructure!!

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