Police Rugby Team Assists Injured Kite Surfer

January 5, 2020

A number of players from the Bermuda Police rugby team recently assisted a kite surfer when he was heard calling for help from the water.

Team member Artie Darrell explained, “A male kite surfer dislocated his ankle and was having difficulty getting back to shore.

“The Bermuda Police rugby team was doing fitness and training on Elbow Beach when we heard the kite surfer calling for help.

“A number of players jumped into the water, swam to the person and helped him back to shore.

“As the team has a number of highly trained medical professionals, including myself as a paramedic, who also play for Police Rugby, he was quickly assessed for other injuries.

“No other injuries were found and he was advised to see his physician in due course. His friends helped him from that point on.”

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