Kitesurfers Make Use Of Pre-Storm Winds

August 7, 2010

[Updated] Approximately a dozen kitesurfers can be seen out this afternoon [Aug 7] along the South Shore beaches making use of the increased winds the island is experiencing as Tropical Storm Colin draws near. At 1pm [when these photos were taken] the seas were not exceptionally rough or pounding, but were more active then the normal tranquil waters that can be seen on many days.

kite surfin bermuda aug 2010 2

Kitesurfing [or kiteboarding] is a surface water sport that uses the wind to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard. It is possible to travel long distances, with one distance record being set after a kitesurfer travelled 225 km [140 miles], crossing solo from the Canary Islands to Morocco, in about nine hours on 13 May 2006.

The kitesurfing enthusiast pictured below told us there are instructors on the island, and that the kiteboards start at around $2,000.

kite surfer bermuda 2010

The Bermuda Weather Service’s 12pm update said Tropical Storm Colin is 222 nautical miles south south-west of Bermuda, and its closest point of approach to Bermuda within 72 hrs will be tomorrow morning at 7am, when it will be 48 nautical miles to the west north west. For cancellation notices due to the expected storm see here, and for the official government update and advice in reference to the storm see here.

Update 7pm: A group of about 10 surfers could be seen at Horseshoe Bay at 6:30pm. We spoke with one of the surfers who said the group was mostly locals, and they don’t get many chances to surf in Bermuda. He estimated the wave height at about 8 feet at their highest point. Photos below:

bermuda surfers aug 2010 (2)

bermuda surfers aug 2010

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  1. terry says:

    As we can see Pat and Bernews were on scene and up too date. This photo is proof after many years of ‘SCUBA’ and ‘Surf/Nav’ by bernews that this is one of the main routes of Cannabis Sativa entering Bermuda.

    This photo shows the Kitesurfer holding the kite ( Police terms, ‘caught with your wings in your hand’) standing amongst the 100lbs of “Seaweed”. His attempt to land in an area ( cannot disclose area) were thawarted when a squall of Cahows pierced his sail.

    The seaweed aka Jayhmaika Green can be seen strewn on the beach.

    Smokers were banned from the beach as this could and possibly cause another Cup Match episode.

    Police are on a high alert……………………….