10 Videos: Speeches At Patients First Gathering

February 10, 2020

The ‘Patients 1st’ group hosted a ‘Health Plan Talk in the Park’ at Queen Elizabeth Park in Hamilton on Friday, with a crowd of people turning out to hear speakers discuss the Government’s planned healthcare reform.

A spokesperson for the group previously said, “The group was started by concerned medical professionals and has now grown to a community force of patients, pharmacy owners, dentists, chiropractors, community leaders, business owners, charities and natural healers.

Patients 1st Bermuda is now a community group working to ensure that the health needs of the already vulnerable are not further at risk from the unforeseen consequences of health reform financing, as set out in Bermuda Health Plan 2020.”

“It was encouraging to see a large turnout at the event, as healthcare is a topic which affects everyone and change in this sphere is something which does and should involve all of us,” the Health Ministry said following the event.

Short clip of Patients 1st event in the Park

Patients 1st: Dr Saadia Bean Speech

Patients 1st: Nicole DeShields Speech

Patients 1st: Dr Janie Brown Speech

Patients 1st: Dr. Ronda James Speech

Patients 1st: Dr. John Dickinson Speech

Patients 1st: Dr Lorna Hall Speech

Patients 1st: Dr Burton Butterfield Speech

Patients 1st: Enda Matthie Speech

Patients 1st: Martha Dismont Speech

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  1. Bermygal says:

    This is absurd! This patients first group is totally confusing the public of what is going to happen. This change will not affect you like they are making it out to be. Patients of Bermuda please be informed before supporting the group. You are totally being mislead. I called the Health Council and got total clarification of what is transforming. Now I understand and so should you! For me this is not a PLP or OBA thing but it seems to be forming into a racial issue. Ridiculous we all bleed the same color.