Video: Patients 1st Forum On Health Plan

November 26, 2019

[Updated] The ‘Patients 1st’ group is holding a public forum this evening [Nov 26] at St Paul AME Centennial Hall in Hamilton with an objective “to help patients understand the proposed 2020 healthcare reform” with a “presentation from your healthcare professional’s view,” and you can tune in and watch live below.

The panelists are scheduled to include Dr. Schyler Dowling representing medical doctors, Dr. Steven Kenny representing paediatricians, Dr. Janie Brown representing dentists, Dr. Jamie Burgess representing optometrists; and the panel is scheduled to be moderated by Dr Benjamin Lau.

The 2-hour live video replay is below:

Update | The slides/presentation shown at the meeting follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    How successful has the Future Care Health Insurance Scheme been for the 65 & Over aged clients? I’d say this has been a testing ground.
    Government has been using the G E H I scheme for their employees for a number of years now. How successful has that been? Another testing ground.
    Government has been an insurance company in those two systems I’d say. Correct me if wrong please. The GEHI deals with working people & retirees also, maybe up to 65, then Future Care after 65?
    The step up will be a National Health Scheme, a Big Step Up realistically I’d say, but not impossible if other related positions, scenarios keep good.
    Cayman islands & Turks & Caicos have a type of National Insurance Scheme as similar type territories to us and the Bahamas is working on a type National Insurance system. Check further folks.

  2. Julie says:

    To what extent has private clinics and labs contributed to the rising costs of health care?
    Health care providers order more tests if they themselves profit from them via their privately owned clinics.
    The hospital should be able to support all testing on the island but are unable to do so because of poor staffing & therefore more of a wait time.
    Private clinics should never have been allowed & we have Dr. E. Brown to thank for starting that ball rolling with his MRI’s, private labs etc,.
    Also Dr. had a practice on Point Finger Road next door to the hospital and yet his patients have ultrasounds and testing done in the office. Huge profits are being made by these private clinics & private medical enterprises!
    Insurance companies should be able to determine if testing is medically necessary locally the same way they determine necessary medical testing overseas. Medically ordered tests by private clinics are what has precipitated or one of the main reasons why health costs in Bermuda have soared. Insurance companies should have stepped in and said we need to cap these rising health costs and macro managed these private clinics and labs . But too many people have quietly been profiting by over testing patients and insurance companies have just stood by.
    And the hospital is over extended. All lab work & medical testing should be done at the hospital to insure that the tests ordered are not being for profit.
    We have an aging population and this has been known for a long period of time. More nursing homes, home care Providers to keep our elderly at home and not the hospital-this is not rocket science.