Patients 1st ”Solutions Seven” Working Group

February 14, 2020

“We are in the process of finalizing a ‘Solutions Seven’ Patients 1st working group that will present our top seven proposals to Minister Wilson and her team,” the Patients 1st group said.

A spokesperson said, “Patients 1st would like to thank all of those who participated in the ‘Talk in The Park’ last week. The response has been overwhelming with almost 12,000 signatures voting no to the Unified/Single Payer Health Financing system and yes to Universal Health Coverage. We have been inundated with requests for speaking engagements and are encouraged by the community’s overwhelming show of support and desire to be involved.

“We were also encouraged by Health Minister Wilson’s response indicating her desire to consult with Patients 1st in a face to face dialogue. We also recognize for the first time since Patients 1st was formed that the Minister’s response did not indicate that the Unified/Single Payer system is a done deal, and instead stated that the plan has ‘not been finalized’.

“We stand strong in opposing a single payer system and continue to work on solutions in a productive and collaborative way. So now we are hopeful that, as the Minister has stated, will find the solutions together.

“What does this mean for the public? We are in the process of finalizing a ‘Solutions Seven’ Patients 1st working group that will present our top seven proposals to Minister Wilson and her team. Solutions that are the result of collaboration amongst the community, the health industry and business leaders. They will be timely solutions that are relevant to now, not from 2012 or half a decade ago.

“How can you get involved? We are democratically electing the best from within our knowledge group and we are looking for a few individuals that want to contribute their experience, creativity and real working solutions. You can email and tell us a bit about yourself and the area that you feel you would best contribute to Solutions Seven.

“What can Solutions Seven achieve? True partnership in developing health care reform that drives down the costs of healthcare for Bermuda’s families and achieves universal coverage.

“This can be achieved without switching to a unified/single payer finance model that experience has shown results in significant and negative unintended consequences on the quality of care. We will conduct open consultation that is inclusive and representative of all stakeholders with the sole purpose of ensuring a financially responsible Better Bermuda Health Plan.

“How can you stay connected? You can visit our webpage at or email questions to us at and you can add your name to the 12,000 others who have signed the petition here.”

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  1. Call it what it is! says:

    Why is there always a spokesman and never a face for this “movement”. It’s clear why – it could be a front for insurance companies who have been taking our money for years, treating us badly, and are now running scared.

    Who are your leaders? Who is funding you?