Aircraft Lands Safely After Diverting To Bermuda

February 13, 2020

[Updated: Plane landed safely, and roads are re-opened]

Due to an “emergency situation” at the airport, all access routes to the airport are currently blocked.

A police spokesperson said, “Due to an emergency situation at the LF Wade International Airport, all access routes to the airport are currently blocked. This will mean traffic delays going into and out of the east end.”

Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

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Update: The police said, “A British Airways aircraft with 241 souls on board travelling from London, UK to Tampa, Florida was diverted as a precautionary measure to L.F. Wade International Airport following reports that the Boeing 777 aircraft had developed a mechanical issue.

“The aircraft subsequently landed safely at around 4.30pm this afternoon; access roads to the airport were blocked for a short time, and have since been re-opened.”

Update 5.00pm: A BFRS spokesperson said, “At 4:00pm, Fire Dispatch received a call of British Airway 777 flight #2167 en-route from Gatwick, UK to Florida was diverted to Bermuda due to an electrical problem causing smoke in the cabin.

“BFRS responded with 12 appliances and a total of 17 firefighters. The aircraft landed safely at the LF Wade International Airport at 4:22pm. All passengers disembarked safely. The cause of the electrical issue is under investigation at this time.”

Update 7.51pm: Skyport confirmed that the flight diverted to Bermuda just after 4pm today “after experiencing mechanical issues.” They said the “passengers on board deplaned and were taken to the US Departures hold lounge while the aircraft was being examined.The aircraft departed Bermuda at 6:23pm with no further issues.”

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    Why do they say this number of “souls were on board”? Why can’t they just say “passengers”?

    Why does it have to be so dramatic?